02307 Train Running Status Today Live (Time Table & Route) 2023

02307 Train Running Status Today Live (Time Table & Route) 2023

02307 Train Running Status
02307 Train Running Status

Howrah Jodhpur Express is a special train from Howrah to Jodhpur during Covid19. The train runs from the state of West Bengal to Rajasthan. It is available 7 days a week. We have discussed Navratri special train the last article you can check about all details  

The start point is Howrah Junction to Jodhpur central. The total distance it covers is 1814 kilometers.  

 Covid19 Special Train 02307 Super-Fast Train

Covid19 Indian Railways Ministry has run many special trains at some of the most popular places including 02307 trains. This train is about 1800km from Kolkata’s Howrah Junction and reaches Jodhpur Junction, in this train, you get all kinds of facilities. 

The train comprises a total of 24 coaches including the engine, which is depicted as follows. 

  • 1 AC II Tier Coach 
  • 5 AC III Tier Coaches 
  • 12 Sleeper III Tier Coaches 
  • 1 Pantry Car 
  • 2 General Coaches 
  • 2 SLR Seating cum Luggage Rake 
LOCO   Engine 
2  GS 
3  B5 
4  B4 
5  B3 
6  B2 
7  B1 
8  A1 
9  S12 
10  S11 
11  PC 
12  S10 
13  S9 
14  S8 
15  S7 
16  S6 
17  S5 
18  S4 
19  S3 
20  S2 
21  S1 
22  GS 
23  SLRD 

Netravati Express 02307 Time Table and Route Map 

 It is a fast express with a speed of 110 km/hr. The train starts in the night at 11:25 pm. It reaches Jodhpur on day 3 at 7:00 am. The coaches present in the train are AC 2tier, AC 3 tier, Sleeper coach, and General.  

Keeping its long hours of journey, it also has a pantry car. the train crosses the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, and UP before it enters Rajasthan. 

It takes almost 31 hours for the journey. It halts at 26 stations, with 292 intermediate stations. 02307 Howrah Jodhpur Express is a substitute for 12307 for the Covid times. 

Following is a timetable of Howrah Jodhpur Express consisting of stations where the train halts and its respective timing:  

Station Name    Time  
Howrah Junction  23:25 
Bardhhaman Junction  00:44 
Asansol Junction  2:04 
Dhanbad Junction  3:20 
Gaya Junction  6:28 
Anurag Natayan Rc  7:17 
Dehuri On Sone  7:35 
Sasaram  7:49 
Bhabua Station  8:22 
Deendayal Upadhyay  9:40 
Mirzapur  11:00 
Prayag raj Allahabad  12:25 
Fatehpur  13:44 
Kanpur Central  15:05 
Etawah  16:48 
Tundla Jn  18:55 
Agra Fort  19:45 
Acchenera Junction  20:43 
Bharatpur Junction  21:13 
Jaipur  00:35 
Nawa City 2:18 
Kuchaman City  2:37 
Makrana Junction  2:54 
Degana Junction  3:33 
Merta Road Junction  4:15 
Jodhpur Junction   7:00 

02307 Train Express Route map: – 

02307 train express departs from Kolkata Howrah junction to Bikaner. This train is also known as the covid19 special train. This train takes 33 hours 10 minutes to cover a distance of 1885 km. It is known as a superfast train. 

SL – Sleeper FARE Howrah to Bikaner Junction BREAKUP 

 The 2A second AC of the train 02307 express going from Howrah to Jodhpur is 2552Rs but + Reservation Charges ₹ 50 + Superfast Charges ₹ 45+ GST ₹ 133 plus total fares is 2780 Rs. 

Base Charges  Rs. 690 
Reservation Charges   Rs. 20 
Superfast Charges  Rs. 30 
Total Amount  Rs. 740 

 FQA’s –Train N0. 02307 Express Running Status 

How much distance is covered by Howrah Jodhpur Express 02307? 

The distance covered by Howrah Jodhpur Express is 1814 km. To cover this distance it takes 30hrs and 55mins. You have to spend 2 nights on the train. It is a superfast train. It is usually on time. 02307 is a substitute train for 12307 as a covid19 special. 

Where is Howrah Jodhpur Express 02307 seat availability status? 

 With not many people traveling during Covid times it has become easy to get tickets.  

You can buy tickets from a counter at Howrah Station or online from different apps like rail Yatri or MakeMyTrip or yatra.  

You can also get it from the official Irctc site. On all these sites you have to choose your boarding and alighting stations with the date you choose to travel. 

 You may also directly enter the train number. Select the type of coach like AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, Sleeping Non-AC coach. 

Where is train 02307? 

 Train 02307 which is Kolkata Howrah and Jodhpur Rajasthan that runs between Howrah Terminus and Jodhpur Central.  

To find the current location of the express you can take the help of different apps. One of the best apps is Rail Yatri. 

 Since this is a special train during a pandemic these apps have a problem showing the current location and any updated information. Yet Rail Yatri is updated and gives you all the required information.  

How to cancel the ticket to the Express train? 

Ticket cancellation is made easy by Irctc. You can directly log in to its website that is www.irctc.com.  

  • You need to create your login id. If you have bought your tickets online from the Irctc site then use the same login id   IRCTC site and log in there. 
  • There on the page, you will get a button that says Bookings. Click on the button it will show you all the current bookings.  
  • Select the ticket you want to cancel and click on the cancel button. Money is refunded to your account. In 7 to 10 days.  
  • If you have not bought the ticket from the site then enter the ticket details and you can cancel online. 

 You need to fill in your account details for the refund. The other way is to go to the ticket counter of express trains and cancel your ticket. 

Are the pantry services available? 

02307 being a special train it cannot be guaranteed if the pantry services will be working due to pandemics. Most of the shops at the junctions which come under rail are also shut off or maybe the supply is low. 


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