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 02565 Train Running Status Bihar Sampark Kranti Exp Covid Special

 02565 Train Running Status Bihar Sampark Kranti Exp Covid Special

 02565 Train Running Status

02565  train running status before knowing, if you are planning to travel somewhere and you have to travel by train, Then before booking a train ticket in your mind, you have to get information related to the train’s route and its schedule. You get gathered in the information on the train, in such a situation, you have been given fake news in many places and due to that you may face many problems.

This train is also known as the covid19 special train. This train takes 33 hours 10 minutes to cover a distance of 1168 km. It is known as a superfast train. In this article, we can get complete information for train number 02565 such as its route, schedule, and how you can check the live running status of this train.

Darbhanga – New Delhi Live Train Status

If you are looking for a train going from DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI, then all information will be received on train number 02565 going from DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI. You just need to read the article carefully and you can get all the details of the train here.

DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI Train Running Status 

  • Train Number: – 02565 
  • Departure time: – 8:26 
  • Distance: – 1168 km
  • Distance cover time: 20 Hr. 49 Min.
  • Train Avg. Speed: – 58 km/hr.
  • Halts Station: 196 

The train going to DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI departs from 8:26 Darbhanga railway station in the morning and covers the distance of 1168 km and reaches Delhi railway station in 20 Hr.49 Min. The sleeper seat fare on this route is 560Rs and the fare of 2A is said to be up to 2100Rs within GST and Reservation Charges.

Trains from DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI passing railway stations like Hajipur Jn (HJP), Chhapra (CPR), Gorakhpur Jn (GKP), Kanpur Central (CNB). however, we have covered in the last article for Gorakhpur to Ahmadabad train 09090 if you want to travel Ahmadabad then check this article, in this article given mostly information regarding 09090 Train Running status.

DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI Express Special Train – 02565 Train Schedule

To get information about DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI 02565 train Running status, you have to go to the official website of the railway and from there you can get the information of 02565 train running live status, as well as if you are thinking of booking tickets, then you Can get also know your seat availability.

Stations Arrival Departure
Darbhanga Jn (DBG) 08:26
Samastipur Jn (SPJ) 09:15 09:14
Hajipur Jn (HJP) 10:20 10:27
Sonpur Jn (SEE) 11:20 11:18
Chhapra (CPR) 11:36 11:36
Siwan Jn (SV) 12:50 12:29
Deoria Sadar (DEOS) 13:45 13:40
Gorakhpur Jn (GKP) 14:41 14:36
Badshahnagar (BNZ) 15:45 15:33
Aishbagh (ASH) 20:14 20:14
Kanpur Central (CNB) 21:00 21:00
New Delhi (NDLS) 05:15 Ends

02565 Train coach position and Seat Map Layout

Bihar Sampark Kranti SF Special runs with an LHB Rake and There are a total of 22 coaches including the engine in 02565 train running status coaches position, in which seats are allocated in all coaches. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) allows users to book tickets, cancel reservations and book Tatkal tickets online through its website 

Personal registration is free and a valid mobile number and email ID are mandatory to be registered as a personal user. For coach position and seat layout in DARBHANGA – NEW DELHI train, you can understand through our below-given image. It has 2-second ac coaches, 3 third ac coaches, 3 non-ac chair car coaches, 1 first ac coach, 1 pantry car coach, and 10 sleeper coaches. The engine of the train reverses at Samastipur Jn station. The full coach composition is:


02565 Train Coach Position 

Fare for Bihar Sampark Kranti SF Special 02565

02565 Train which runs Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr, Sat, Sun from Darbhanga to New Delhi. The fare for the 02565 Bihar Sampark Kranti SF Covid Special train is given in the table below.

 In this table, we have provided 1A-First AC, 3A-Third AC, SL-Sleeper seat Fare as most of the passengers prefer to travel in these 3 types of seats but if you want to check the fare for 2S and 2A seats then you can check from railways official website IRCTC

Charges  1A-First AC 3A-Third AC SL-Sleeper
Base Charges ₹ 3241 ₹ 1315 ₹ 510
Reservation Charges ₹ 60 ₹ 40 ₹ 20
Superfast Charges ₹ 75 ₹ 45 ₹ 30
GST ₹ 169 ₹ 70
Total Amount ₹ 3545 ₹ 1470 ₹ 560

FQA’s of 02565 Train Running Status

Which is the best Indian Railway app for seeing train live status?

The above-given app is best in its own place, but if it comes to the best app related to Indian Railways, then I will suggest to you “where is my train” because this app has been officially approved by Indian Railway Organization IRCTC. The app has more than 100M downloaders on the google play store so you can guess how reliable this app is

How to cancel the ticket to Express train?

Ticket cancellation is made easy by Irctc. You can directly log in to its website that is www.irctc.comYou need to create your login id. If you have bought your tickets online from the Irctc site then use the same login id   IRCTC site and log in there. There on the page, you will get a button that says Bookings. Click on the button it will show you all the current bookings. 

Select the ticket you want to cancel and click on the cancel button. Money is refunded to your account. In 7 to 10 days. If you have not bought the ticket from the site then enter the ticket details and you can cancel online. You need to fill in your account details for the refund. The other way is to go to the ticket counter of express trains and cancel your ticket.

Are the pantry services available? 

02565 being a special train it cannot be guaranteed if the pantry services will be working due to pandemics. Most of the shops at the junctions which come under rail are also shut off or maybe the supply is low.


I hope that the information 02565 Train Running Status given by you to us will have been beneficial, if you have any kind of problem or you have any suggestions, then you can tell us through comments. Traveling on a local train is a very difficult task, yet you have to travel in a local train, if you get the time schedule for a train, then a traveling traveler gets a lot of help, 

In this way, today we have given you a lot related to local train Have given information, hope you liked our knowledge and understanding. You can share our article with your friends or you know someone who is new in cities like Mumbai Delhi, then you can help them with this article too.

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