Check 02926 Train Running Status Live on Instant 2023 [Updated] 

Check 02926 Train Running Status Live on Instant 2023 [Updated] 

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Do you want to look at the 02926 train running status or if you want to check the train timing, fare, and coach position on this route then you come right place today we are discussing the topic of the live update about train number 02926.

We have tried to cover all the information in this article last we have some tips to give for the live status check in just 5 sec for this you read the complete article carefully?     

Hey guys, hope you are well today on the topic 02926 train running status which is run between Amritsar Jn (ASR) to Mumbai Bandra Terminus (BDTS). This train’s name is Paschim SF Special 02926 train running status. 

In the last article, we discussed train 02904. which runs between Amritsar Jn to Mumbai Central if you need this article, you can check it 02904 golden temple mail special running train status 

Now comes, today’s topic of 02926 Paschim SF Special running train status let’s get the start and we trying to know the train timing, Fare, and coach position if you want to get information then must be read the complete article. 

02926 Running Status (Paschim SF Special Train)

  • Train Number: – 02926 
  • Departure time: – 07:50 
  • Distance: – 1866 km 
  • Route: – Amritsar Jn to Mumbai Bandra Terminus (BDTS) 
  • Distance cover time: – 30 hr. 55 min. 
  • Most Popular Stops: – Jalandhar City, Chandigarh (CDG)Kurukshetra Jn (KKDE), New Delhi (NDLS). 
  • Train Avg. Speed: – 58 km/hr. 

02926 Train Running status is almost the same as Train running status 02904 in route train run Amritsar to BDTS 2 to 3 station more than comparing to 02904 train running status. The train covers almost 1866km within 31hr during the route the train cross 301 halts at 58km/hr. Average train speed. 

The final chart for the 02926 train is prepared usually 3-4 hours before train departure time or a day before if the train departs early morning.  

If you don’t know the final chart of the train then check this link Train Chart Preparation Time in this article I give brief details about train chart preparation.     

02926 train running status Time-Table

Station  Arrival  Departure 
Amritsar Jn (ASR)  Starts  07:50 
Beas (BEAS)  08:20  08:25 
Jalandhar City (JUC)  08:55  08:55 
Jalandhar Cant (JRC)  09:08  09:26 
Phagwara Jn (PGW)  09:25  09:42 
Ludhiana Jn (LDH)  10:05  10:16 
SAHIBZADA ASNGR (SASN)  11:34  11:36 
Chandigarh (CDG)  12:15  12:20 
Ambala Cant Jn (UMB)  13:00  13:10 
Kurukshetra Jn (KKDE)  13:40  13:42 
Karnal (KUN)  14:04  14:06 
Panipat Jn (PNP)  14:36  14:38 
Sonipat (SNP  15:16  15:18 
Subzi Mandi (SZM)  15:54  15:56 
New Delhi (NDLS)  16:25  16:45 
Faridabad (FDB)  17:11  17:13 
Mathura Jn (MTJ)  19:05  19:10 
Bharatpur Jn (BTE)  19:38  19:40 
Bayana Jn (BXN)  20:08  20:10 
Hindaun City (HAN)  20:33  20:35 
Gangapur City (GGC)  21:13  21:15 
Sawai Madhopur (SWM)  22:00  22:02 
Kota Jn (KOTA)  23:30  23:40 
Ramganj Mandi (RMA)  00:35  00:37 
Shamgarh (SGZ)  01:18  01:18 
Nagda Jn (NAD)  03:13  03:15 
Ratlam Jn (RTM)  04:15  04:25 
Meghnagar (MGN)  05:28  05:30 
Dahod (DHD)  05:57  05:59 
Godhra Jn (GDA)  07:18  07:20 
Vadodara Jn (BRC)  08:20  08:30 
Surat (ST)  09:20  09:22 
Navsari (NVS)  10:49  10:51 
Valsad (BL)  11:28  11:30 
Vapi (VAPI  11:50  11:52 
Dahanu Road (DRD)  12:32  12:34 
Borivali (BVI)  13:54  13:57 
Andheri (ADH)  14:16  14:19 
Mumbai Bandra Terminus (BDTS)  14:45  Ends 

02926 Coach Position and Seat Layout

 If you want to check the live train coach position then you can use a trusted android application like where is my trainixigo train app, etc. otherwise you check given an image below you can check But,  

I don’t recommend this image for a live-running train seat layout because the seat keeps changing randomly till when the train chart is not prepared. If you don’t know how to work Train chart preparation then click line here and check how to work IRCTC Train Chart Preparation Time 

 Train Coach Position  

Train 02926 runs a total of 22 coaches with LHB Rake. In this train available 2-second ac coaches, 5 third ac coaches, 2 non-ac chair car coaches, 1 pantry car coach, 8 sleeper coaches, and 1 first ac cum second ac coach. The full coach composition is: 


For more other trains looking for Mumbai city from Amritsar then check here train from Amritsar to Mumbai Central (02904 Golden Temple Mail Special Train) 

Train 02926 Paschim SF Special Train Fare in 2022

 Paschim SF special train crosses Jalandhar City, Chandigarh (CDG)Kurukshetra Jn (KKDE), and New Delhi (NDLS) like the station in their station most people are do travel, we will be telling you the train fare depends on train classes so we have given a table below and there we give all details regarding the train fare. 

 Amritsar Jn to Mumbai Bandra Terminus Train Fare 

Charges   1A-First AC  3A-Third AC  SL-Sleeper 
Base Charges  ₹ 4460   1786 Rs.  ₹ 700 
Reservation Charges  Rs.60  ₹ 40  20Rs. 
Superfast Charges   75 Rs.  45Rs.   30 Rs. 
GST  ₹ 230  ₹ 94   
Total Amount  ₹ 4825  1965 Rs.  ₹ 750 

 Note: in this table, we had not added train fare for Second AC & 2S classes but the Golden Temple special train Amritsar to Mumbai fare is 2AC class 2830RsAnd 2S class 460 Rs. 

If you don’t know how to book a ticket online then you check our last article in this we want to take details step to step on how to book an online train ticket in just 5min 

 FQA’s: – 02926 Train Running Status

How to check the train status of the 02926 Paschim SF Special Train? 

 If you want to travel on the 02926 Paschim SF Special Train then you can check easily the golden temple train 02926 running status with help of the Indian railway official site or 3rd-part android applications we have above told you all train number 02926’s running status otherwise you can flow some the step and you can check easily any train running live status. 

  • Go to the Indian Railway official website  
  • Enter the Train Number, select the journey and select the day you want the train running status. 
  • Click the button and you can check the details regarding the train   

Note: – you can flow the same steps with 3rd party android apps and check also train running status for every train.  You can follow this article for the 02926 train running Status yesterday it is also the same when the train run Arrival then you check all details regarding the train running status 

 How to check the coach position of 02926 Paschim SF Special Train? 

If you want to check the coach position of the 02904 train then you flow the steps  

  • Go to google and search Trainman. in 
  •  Click Train datils and you get multiple options 
  •  Click on Coach Position 
  •  After clicking on Coach Position, now open a new window, and here ask for your train number 
  • Enter the Train Number and click on Submit 
  • Now you can see your train all Coach 

 Make sure these steps work if these steps do not work then follow the article Check Train coach position in this article you get more than one method that you can check the train coach position. 

What is the Train Route of 02926 Paschim Sf Special? 

 The train begins its journey from Amritsar Jn, passes through JandialaButari, and Dhilwan, and reaches Mumbai Bandra Terminus it covers almost 1866 km distance within 31hr which know as a super-fast train   


So, lastly, the 02426 Train Running Status given by you to us will have been beneficial, traveling on a local train is a very difficult task, yet you have to travel in a local train if you get the time schedule for a train, then a traveling traveler gets a lot of help,  

In this way, today we have given you a lot related to local trains Have given information, hope you liked our knowledge and understanding. You can share our article with your friends or if you know someone who is new in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, then you can help them with this article too. 

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