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Amtrak Kansas City to Chicago – Time Schedule in [2023]

Amtrak Kansas City to Chicago, Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corporation is the main provider of intercity passenger rail service in the United States which started its service in 1971.

Amtrak Kansas City to Chicago

It operates medium as well as long-distance intercity railway services throughout the country. It is the only passenger railroad service in the United States which serves more than 500 destinations throughout the United States.

Amtrak was founded in 1970. The main purpose of Amtrak is to maintain a level of intercity passenger rail service in the United States.

Amtrak primarily operates a fleet of passenger train rolling stock consisting of custom-made equipment which includes 1,408 passenger cars and 20 Acela Express high-speed trainsets, 66 electric locomotives, and 240 diesel locomotives. Amtrak trains ensure the fastest reach to their destination.

Features of Amtrak train onboard – Amtrak Kansas City to Chicago

Traveling on an Amtrak from place to place is a very enjoyable and comfortable experience in comparison to other modes of transportation. This unique train is equipped with outstanding features and amenities.

  • The Amtrak train offers its passengers the convenience of private living rooms to make train traveling more comfortable.
  • The Amtrak train onboard unique sitting options are excellent.
  • Meals and cafe services are available on Amtrak auto trains onboard.
  • You can ride the Amtrak train with your bike or car. Amtrak offers many different services for taking your vehicles with you.
  • Amtrak WiFi service is available on selected trains and stations across the country to keep you connected to the world during traveling.

Amtrak Train Ticket Cost

City-to-city train tickets Amtrak usually cost $20 to $400. It depends on the total distance of the journey and on booking tickets in advance. Amtrak Kansas City  Time Schedule is fixed. It makes three daily trips from Kansas City to Chicago at three specific times.

Amtrak train ticket cost

Amtrak from Kansas City to Chicago

The distance between Kansas City to Chicago is 971 kilometers, and the railway distance from Kansas city is approximately 409 miles or 660 km.

There are daily three trains operated between Kansas City to Chicago. Other trains usually take 11 hours and 43 minutes from Kansas City to Chicago for traveling, but the fastest Amtrak Southwest chief train can make its trip in less time in comparison to other trains.

Amtrak from Kansas City to Chicago

Amtrak from Kansas City to Chicago is done in only 7 hours and 22 minutes. Amtrak Southwest Chief train maintains one daily trip from Kansas City to Chicago, and its ticket cost is around $69.31.

Three Amtrak daily trains are available from Kansas City to Chicago, and its train ticket cost starts from $61.

Amtrak fares Chicago to Kansas City

The cheapest Amtrak train ticket from Chicago to Kansas City is $132. If you can book the Amtrak train ticket in advance, you will get the chance to have the cheapest fare, and you can avoid the rush hours of your holiday trip from Chicago to Kansas City.

In contrast, if you buy an Amtrak train ticket on the day of your journey, the average Amtrak fare from Chicago to Kansas City will cost around $140.

Top Amtrak Routes

  • Kansas City to Chicago
  • Philadelphia to New York
  • San Diego to Los Angeles
  • Washington to Philadelphia
  • Washington to New York

People Also Ask 

How long is the train from Kansas City to Chicago?

To get from Kansas City to Chicago from the Amtrak track takes you about 12h and 34min but when the train track is the fastest then you get a chance to travel around 7h.

How long is Amtrak from NYC to Chicago?

To travel from New York to Chicago by train takes approximately 22h to travel but when the train is express, it takes about 19h for the passenger to complete the entire journey. In which the cost of one ticket is around 90$.

How to Find cheap train tickets to Chicago?

If you are looking for Amtrak Train to Chicago City Tickets at a cheap price then you should follow the below-mentioned points by this you can probably get some cost-less Amtrak Train Price

  • Join Amtrak Guest Rewards
  •  Book 14 Days in Advance
  • Buy Your Tix Online or on Your Phone
  • Bring Your Kids!
  • Follow @Amtrak on Social Media
How expensive are Amtrak tickets?
If you want to travel from Kansas City to Chicago by Amtrak train and are looking for the cheapest train ticket, then let me tell you that the cheapest price for traveling from Amtrak to Kansas City to Chicago is $86 in which you will travel 15h. Whereas the 109$ ticket would be the most expensive in which you will cover your journey in about 8h.


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