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Top 10 Best Train Journeys in India 2023 (You Must Travel)

We all love traveling on trains. We all definitely travel on the train at some time, but we have seen that traveling on a train at someplace becomes memorable. Today we will tell you about the Best Train Journey that you can get to see in India. 

 Indian Railway is a huge network that is spread all over India. In India, you can find trains everywhere on the hill and forest routes, some trains are beautiful places.

Best Train Journey in India

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Passes through what you always remember. We are telling you about the Top 10 Best Train Journeys in India 2023 All of you will love traveling here by train. 

Top 10 Best Train Journeys in India 2023 

We will tell you about all the trains of Best Train Journey in India 2023 that you will like. On all these trains, you can travel comfortably and go to beautiful places. 

  • Goa to Londa Junction  
  • Kanyakumari to Jammu Route 
  • Mumbai to Madgaon (Goa)
  • Darjeeling Bazaar to Jalpaiguri Junction 
  • Kanyakumari to KSR 
  • New Delhi to Agra 
  • Jammu to SHMATA VD KATRA 

 1. Goa Express 

  • Train Name: – Goa Express (12779) 
  • Route: Goa to Londa Junction 
  • Fare:  Rs. 140
best train journey in India
best train journey in India

 This train runs from Vasco de Gama (Goa) to Londa (Karnataka). It feels very beautiful to travel on this train, it passes through the beautiful beaches of Goa, in this, you can see the beauty of the sea closely.  

This train slowly passes through the Western Ghats, where you pass through dense forest, in which you get a chance to see the greenery of the forest. Its cleanliness is 3 hours 30 minutes which you can enjoy. 

2. Himsagar Express

  • Train Name: – Himsagar Express (16317) 
  • Route: Kanyakumari to Jammu Route 
  • Fare:  Rs. 2785 
best train journey in India
best train journey in India

 Himsagar Express comes in India’s Best Train Journey. It takes you on a trip to Himsagar, it is a long-distance train that passes from Kashmir to Kanyakumari crossing the whole of India.  

Through this train, you pass through many states of India. While traveling by the Himsagar Express train, you will see beautiful views of the Indian region.  

Through this, you can see the green paddy fields in Madhya Pradesh and get a chance to see the panoramic views of him while passing through the Himalayas. Through the train, you get the opportunity to see the civilization and culture of many places in India. 

 3. Mandovi Express 

  • Train Name: – KRMI TEJAS SPL (02119) 
  • Route: Madgaon (Goa) to Mumbai 
  • Fare:  Rs. 205
best train journey in India
                                               Mandovi Express 

Mandovi Express Train Travels from Madgaon (Goa) to Mumbai, whenever you want to go to Goa, you can travel on this train. traveling through this, you have to go through many bridges. 

 On the Panavalnadi road, you see the highest number of bridges. On passing the train, you get an opportunity to see the paddy fields adorned with coconut and mango trees.  

Its journey is about 12 hours, but you will not feel bored in any way, it is one of the Best Train Travel in India. 

4. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

  • Train Number:- 52541
  • Train Name: – Darjeeling Himalayan Railway 
  • Route: Darjeeling Bazaar to Jalpaiguri Junction 
  • Fare:  Rs. 1200-1400
best train journey in India
best train journey in India

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a World Heritage Site, it is visited by many tourists every year, it attracts a large number of travelers from all over the world. 

It is considered to be the most beautiful place in India. It is also called the queen of the mountains. If you like to see the beauty of the mountains by train, then you must visit the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway once. 

 It joins two mountainous regions of India, including New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. It is a railway trek opened in 1881,  

which is the oldest railway in the Himalayas. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is known to be one of the most beautiful railway routes available in India. 

 5. Island express 

  • Train Number:- 16526
  • Train Name: – Island Express 
  • Route: Kanyakumari to KSR 
  • Distance:- 536Km

 If you are looking for the Top 10 Best Train Journey in India 2021, then you can travel to Island Express. This train runs from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum Kerala.  

The southernmost tip of India and is a holy place where you get to see many temples and tourist places.  

Three oceans are found here. When this journey starts, it is densely green, and tightly filled with palm trees, whose beauty greatly affects it. 

 It passes through the verge of tall grass which is very beautiful to see. The journey on this train is 2 hours and 15 minutes, you must definitely travel once on it. 

6. Palace on Wheels 

  • Train Name: – Place on Wheels 
  • Route: New Delhi to Agra 
  • Fare:  More Expensive 
best train journey in India

We have all heard the name Palace on Wheels, it comes in India’s Best Train Journey. The Palace on Wheels is a magnificent Indian train that all Indians want to travel once. It takes you on a trip to India so that you sit down and experience the best royalty. 

 This is called the train of Maharajas, in which you feel like kings during the journey. The Palace on Wheels is inspired by the Viceroy’s personal trains, named the Palace on Wheels. 

 It runs from Jodhpur to experience the royal culture and vibrant culture of the desert kingdom. It is one of the best luxury train journeys in India and it covers some of the major tourist destinations in India. 

 7. Maitree Express 

  •  Train Name: – MAITRESSE EXPRESS (13109) 
  • Route:  KOLKATA to  GEDE 

 The Maitree Express connects Dhaka in Bangladesh to Kolkata in West Bengal, India. If you wish to travel outside India via train, then this train is best for you.  

This train is fully air-conditioned and comfortable. It travels from Chitpur station of Kolkata to Dhaka, you have to travel for about 10 to 12 hours. For the purpose of tourism, you can travel to the Maitree Express and reach Dhaka. 

 8. Golden chariot 

Sitting in a golden chariot train is a different fun of its own. It is one of the luxury trains in India, connecting the famous places of Bangalore to Mysore, and Badami to Hampi via all the major tourist destinations in Karnataka.  

best train journey in India
best train journey in India

The name of each train of this train is visible to you in the name of the last reign. Through this, we can see the culture and heritage of the southern states of India.  

On the train, you get the facilities of a 5-star hotel. It also provides facilities like a private dining room, spa, indoor pool, and gym. Through this, you can make your train journey memorable. 

 9. Jammu Mail 

  • Train Name: – JAMMU MAIL 14033   
  • Route: Jammu to SHMATA VD KATRA  
  • Fare:  Rs.335 
best train journey in India

 This train running from Jammu to Udhampur is very interesting, we have told you about the Best Train Journeys, and it is one of them.  

Railways have extended the construction of this 53 km stretch to the foothills of the Himalayas. You can see the views of big mountains and many mountain ranges. 

 In this, you will see many natural views from the top of big rocky, wide rivers and sinking valleys. It looks like a wonderful journey from Jammu to Udhampur. 

10. The Toy Train

Train Name: – Darjeeling Himalayan Railway 

 If you want to roam in Darjeeling and Siliguri, then this train is best for you. We have placed it in the Best Train Journey, which gives you views of the tea fields, through the thick forests, after sitting in it you can see the curved bend around the gardens, which looks very beautiful.  

You will see people in tea gardens breaking the tea with baskets tied on their heads. Initially, there was this small steam train from Darjeeling which looks very beautiful.  

Today the hill railway is considered a World Heritage Site. Its speed is not much, it travels at a speed of 12 km per hour, and the toy train takes the trends to the agony point. Its route is from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. 

FQA- Top Indian Railways Routes in 2023  

1. Which is the fastest train in India? 

 The Vande Bharat Express is India’s fastest train, with a capacity to attain a speed of over 180 kmph during its trial runs. On the Delhi-Varanasi route, however, the section speed restrictions are in place which do not allow the train to exceed a maximum speed of 130 kmph. 

2. Which are the best train journeys from Bangalore? 

 The train journey from Bangalore to Kanyakumari is the most scenic one. Ditch the car ride and take the train instead if you want to enjoy the scenery but if you looking at Bangalore metro timings then you can check this article

3. Which is the most luxurious train in India?  

The Maharajas’ Express: Indian Luxury Train. Indian Maharajas’ Train is a luxury train in India introduced by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). 

4. When are cheap train tickets available??  

If you are also thinking of traveling by train and you are looking for a cheap train ticket, then you should book your train ticket about 10 weeks in advance, then you can get the ticket price related to your route at a low price. for more tips check here 


I hope you liked the article and got more information about the top 10 best routes in Indian history. If you want to give suggestions regarding the article or you can want to share your travel experience on these places then you are heartily welcome in the comment section 

In today’s post, we have told you about the Top 10 Best Train Journeys in India 2023, you must definitely tell us this post today. 



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