7 Best Train Time Table app for Android and iPhone Users [2023]

7 Best Train Time Table app for Android and iPhone Users [2023]

Train Time Table app
Train Time Table app

Most people prefer to use train transport for the cheapest and most comfortable journey, so keep searching for the best railway app to check ticket booking, PNR status, and Best Train Time Table app, etc.

If you are one of the same visitors, then your search will end today. We have brought railway timetable apps in this article for at least 7 best android and iPhone users, which can be very good and beneficial for you.

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7 Railway Time Table Applications

  1. Where is my Train
  2. IRCTC Rail Connect
  3. RailYatra
  4. Ixigo Trains
  5. Goibibo
  6. UTS – Rail Time table application
  7. ConfirmTkt

Top 7 Railway Time Table Applications for Android and iPhone user (2023)

There are thousands of applications related to railways on the internet where you get news and ticket booking, PNR status check, but all of them are for fake news or to fool you, many apps show you PNR status wrong.

So many shows do not exist, in such a way we have provided below a list of some of the best apps for you, on which you can trust to some extent

1. Where is my Train

Where is my train app is the most trustable app. It is about a 10MB app that has been downloaded by more than 100M people. If you have to travel daily by train.

then I would suggest you use this app because its UI (user interface) is very good, you will get all the information related to the train immediately.

Its very good features are also present in these apps, you can trust and leave your house, the rail timetable told to you on this app is 99% absolutely aureate.


  • PNR Status
  • Seat Availability
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Spotting Train Accurately
  • Offline Train Schedules

2. IRCTC Rail Connect

This is an official android and iOS IRCTC reservation app. The app has an easy-to-use GUI and a basic design. It is one of the best applications for traveling people This app helps you to quickly check the availability of seats, tatkal train tickets, PNR inquiries, and reserve a train ticket online.


1. Book Meal: Get food from the restaurant on your seat. The only type in your PNR > Restaurant Option > Online payment or COD > Get food on your table.

2. Ask Disha: Disha is a virtual help, and for most of your questions she will help you. Simply ask some questions and she will respond.

3. Zee5: You also benefit from the IRCTC app for low-cost Zee5 Premium packs.

3. RailYatra

RailYatra is another best application of Indian Railways, available on iPhones, Androids, and Windows, for booking train tickets by 2023.

This app helps you to verify the availability of seats, ticket fare, and live station arrival and departure. With help of this app, you can also do bus ticket booking and GPS tracking.


4. Ixigo Trains

Ixigo Trains is among the best train ticket reservation Indian Railway apps that check the status and the status of a PNR on Live Train. What size is this application 16MB, due to which more than 50M + people have installed this Google Play store app in their mobile, it will not cover many sizes in your mobile

This app also helps you to book hotels and airplane tickets.


Station Alarm:

It warns you when you hit your destination. What this feature does. Specify how much km you would like to receive a warning and press Set Alarm.

Running Status:

You can also check the running table of the train and the teams of this train; you can also check your PNR status.

Refund Calculator:

The amount of refund that you are eligible for on canceling tickets with this function may be determined exactly.


There is also a different tab Entertainment that allows you to read online news, watch videos, play radio, and play games online.

5. Goibibo

If you are looking for cheap tickets to travel on train, bus, or plane, then Goibibo may be the best application for you because you can book a ticket for transportation right now, here you can find some coupons too.

Due to this, you get some amount of discount on the ticket. There are also other booking facilities, such as taxis, metro, and hotels.

They not only book rail tickets but have other services. The software is also simple to use and train tickets or tags can be conveniently booked by logging into the IRCTC account.


  • PNR Status
  • Bust & Hotels book at the cheapest price
  • Flight Status
  • Running train Status with NTSE

6. UST – Rail Time Table Application

UTS Indian railway is a good app to book tickets, with the help of this you can book and cancel your ticket, along with features like track and train time table, this app came to the google play store in 2022 and it has just by making your download android users more than 10M, it has a rating of 4.2 on Google which is quite good.


  • Platform Locator
  • Coach Position
  • Clean my Coach
  • Give Additional Details
  • Train ticket booking

7. Confirm Tkt

Confirmit is another official Indian Railway IRCTC Train Partner app with everything you need. IRCTC tickets & tatkal tickets can easily be searched. The app can also display the status and schedule of Live running trains in offline mode.


  • PNR Enquiry
  • Locals & Metros
  • Also Book Flights & Bus, cabs and, Metros

Some provide valuable extras such as comprehensive details on train and station facilities, train phrasebooks, and nuances of train travel in certain countries. Whatever your needs, it is worth trying out some of these very useful applications if you travel on your next trip by train.

FQA’s Of Railway Time Table Applications

What is the use of the railway timetable?

A rail timetable means operating the train route and halt stations. It is known that two trains are not coming to one station at the same time.

What are the railway reservation timings?

The request for a reservation is accepted at the reservation counter 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train,

after which, one hour before the scheduled departure of the train, and thereafter reservations will be made at the current counters at the stations. By Ticket Collector / Conductor.

Which is the best Indian Railway app?

The above-given app is best in its own place, but if it comes to the best app related to Indian Railways, then I will suggest to you “where is my train.”

because this app has been officially approved by Indian Railway Organization IRCTC. The app has more than 100M downloaders on the google play store so you can guess how reliable this app is

Final Thought:

You will find the train timetable in the apps mentioned above, however, in this article, we have covered only the apps related to Indian Railways, which you can download for free from the Google play store or apple store.

So, in the end, I hope you will find this article knowledgeable, if you visit our articles every day and you like our articles, then you can share our articles with your social media friends. Will get an opportunity.

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