Cancelled Trains 2023: - How To Check The Status Of Cancelled Train?

Cancelled Trains 2023: – How To Check The Status Of Cancelled Train?

When many trains have to be cancelled due to excessive congestion or any disaster at the festival, the passengers who travel to their office or daily train for any urgent work may face a lot of problems.

In such a situation, if you come to know before the train is cancelled, then you may not have to face this kind of problem.

So, today we will discuss this topic in this article on how we can check the running train status that it has not been cancelled.

Cancelled Trains

How to Check the Status of the Cancelled Train?

If you have to check the live status of a train or you have checked the history train status related to that train, then we have told you well in the previous article that you can check 7 Tips for Reduce the train Ticket price.

Whenever a train is canceled, you get this news from the Indian Railways through your social media handle or from your online official website.

Below are some points they should take care of while traveling on a train:

  1. You should check the live status of the train before leaving the house.
  2. If you travel daily on a train, then you should keep following the official social media of Indian Railways Facebook page Instagram, and Twitter (Because Indian Railways spreads its necessary updates with the help of social media)

By the way, through any website or app, you can check the cancelled status of the train, but I will help you to use only the official website of the railway.

Check Cancelled train list from Railway’s official Website:

  • Go to NETS official website for Indian Railways
  • Click on “Trains Cancelled” from the menu bar
  • After Clicking on you will find out to option Fully Cancelled Trains and Partially Cancelled Trains.
  • Fully Cancelled Trains: – This will check if the train is fully cancelled from the train source station to the train destination station.
  • Partially Cancelled Trains: – This will check if the train is cancelled between some stations.
  • Now you click on Fully Cancelled Trains and enter Train No and Start date, the start date will be the train’s start date from the source station, not your journey date.
  • If your train is fully cancelled, you’ll have its name on the list.
  • You can also click Partially Cancelled Trains to check if your train is cancelled between a few stations.
  • If your train is not cancelled, you will not see its name on the list.

Train Cancelled Today

To see the Train Canceled Today list, you have to check the official website of Indian Railways, from that you can check the details of the current train which may have been cancelled due to some reason.

if you want to be checked which those trains you today cancelled then you follow the given below steps.

Method 1 

  • First of all, visit the train cancelled today
  • After clicking the link, check your train number from Train PNR.
  • Now, you can check your train number in the list of cancelled trains today on that website
  • If your number is available it means your train was/will be cancelled today
  • you can check also a valid reason why do cancelled your train

Method 2 

it is the second method for train cancelled today maybe when the train is cancelled and not updated on the above-given website then you can check the trains today cancelled from railway’s official website which is given below

Cancelled trains tomorrow

When we ride a train in a train, we do all the preparations a day before that, so if for some reason the train you are going on gets cancelled, in such a situation all your planning and time go to waste. We value your time, we will talk to you about some such methods and sites from where you can confirm whether your train will be cancelled tomorrow or not.

Cancelled Tomorrow’s Trains List

If you are thinking of checking your upcoming Cancel Train List then you are thinking absolutely right you can check your train in the Upcoming Train Schedule

For this, you can check with the help of the above links. If you want to avoid your ticket price on your train travel journey, then you should see the article given below, maybe it will be of some help to you.

Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR)

TDR means Ticket Deposit receipt when the passenger does not travel in the train due to any reason and the passenger is required to fill the TDR before reaching the depurated station of the train to get the refund of the booked ticket.

TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) can be submitted to claim a refund if the passenger was not able to perform the journey due to any as mentioned under the Indian railway’s guidelines.

  • Train cancelled by Railways department
  • If the Train runs late by more than 3h
  • Traveled without proper ID proof
  • Wrongly charged by Travelling Ticket Examiner
  • If a passenger is unable to travel, due to conversion from ticket waitlist to RAC, chart preparation
  • for the passenger was late because of a connecting train

TDR Rules:

  1. The TDR Refund will be processed according to extant railway regulations.
  2. TDR should be filed before or within 1 hour of the Departure of the Train.
  3. The refund process will take at least 60 days and more.
  4. E-ticket refund requests (after chart preparation) can be filed online.
  5. in the case of i-ticket TDR, you have to take TDR from the station master and after filling it you have to send the original copy to TDR at irctc ticket address in case more than 90 days are required.

How to fill Ticket Deposit Receipt throughout IRCTC?

  • Login to your account IRCTC and click on booked ticked history
  • select PNR status which you fill TDR and click on the TDR bar
  • select passenger details from the ticket for claiming a refund
  • select the reason and click the submit button
  • confirmation will be shown for completion of fill TDR
  • where TDR Confirmation page will be shown the PNR number transaction number, reference number, TDR status, and reason
  • if TDR is filled then click ok then your TDR is filled successfully

Usually, the TDR application is required by the approval zonal manager, which makes the process run for a long time, sometimes TDR gets rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions: – Cancelled Trains

Can I get a refund for my ticket for the cancelled train?

Yes, if train Many trains have to be cancelled due to fog in winter due to festival load on the IRCTC or due to late train fog, passengers booked are refunded to the entire amount account

How do I get a refund for my ticket for the cancelled train?

If the passenger’s train gets cancelled, you will be deposited the money in the same bank account from where you booked the ticket, but the railway takes 5 to 6 days to do all this.

This would only apply if you had booked a train ticket from the official railway website.

However, if you have booked the ticket offline then you will have to go to the reservation counter and collect your money.

What happens when the train is Cancelled?

If you had booked a ticket from IRCTC, you do not need to cancel the e-ticket, it will be cancelled by the railway and you will get your money in your account after some time.

But if you have taken an I-ticket or a counter ticket, then you have to go to the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) counter or fill in TDR and get your cancelled ticket refunded.

Can you claim if the train is Cancelled?

If you can check on the official website or apps of Trane Railway or you can also confirm with your nearest railway station, you get your amount some time or days after the cancellation.

Do I need to file TDR if the train is Cancelled?

If the train is cancelled due to any reason, the passenger does not need to fill the TDR. But when the train is delayed for more than 3 hours and the passenger is unable to travel, the passenger will have to fill in the TDR and take the refund money before the train reaches its actual place.

if the train is cancelled then how to get a refund?

If your train is cancelled due to an accident like a flood, cracks, or any other reason, then you get your money refunded within three days.

However, if you have taken the train ticket from the counter, then you can collect your money from the counter in 7 days.


In the end, you get the cancelled train money in your account, for that, you do not need to worry about it, it may take some time to verify the account but your refund will definitely be deposited, this process lasts for about 72 days.

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