Cheap Train Tickets || How can you find cheap train tickets online

Cheap Train Tickets || How can you find cheap train tickets online

cheap trains tickets

Cheap Train Tickets

If you are looking for cheap train tickets, it is best to plan ahead. Train travel is usually cheaper if you make a reservation in advance. It might be worth checking out other kinds of train tickets – like Eurorail Passes, which might be more cost-effective if you are traveling through Europe.

Train ticket prices can vary depending on the type of ticket that you purchase, the route that you take, and the time that you reserve.

It is best to compare train tickets prices before buying them online. There are many websites where to find your train tickets price comparison – but it’s important to visit reliable sites and not just any site that has a cheap train ticket for sale.

This article is about how to find cheap train tickets online for European trains. We have gathered the best tips and tricks on how to find the cheapest train tickets online.

How can we help you find cheap train tickets?

There are days when train tickets are cheaper. If you need to travel on a Wednesday, Tuesday, or Sunday, you’ll find yourself saving money.

Alternatively, if you have a departure time you want, but want to leave from an earlier station, you can often find a cheaper ticket by leaving late. It’s a trade-off: you risk being late, but the tickets are cheaper.

Amtrak Train Ticket Price 

 Amtrak is the most popular railway service company in the United States. It covers 56 states and 500 cities in the country. 

Amtrak train prices vary by route. If you buy an Amtrak train ticket with Omio, Amtrak’s official partner, you will get cheap Amtrak train tickets.

Amtrak train from Newyork, NY to Boston, MA charges $78. From Newyork, NY to Philadelphia, PA Amtrak’s cost is from $45. Likewise, an Amtrak train from New York, NY to Washington, DC charges from $80. 

How to find cheap train tickets online

The railway is the most enjoyable and cheapest means of transport in any country. But, finding cheap train tickets is not an easy task to visit many places in a particular country.

You have to face many troubles to find cheap train tickets for your wonderful travel. For this, you have to do smart work to avoid the hassle of collecting train tickets and getting cheap train tickets. You should research customized travel plans thoroughly.  

In this case, online is the only solution.  To make your train journey an excellent experience, it’s the best way to go online regarding cheap train tickets.

There are a number of websites that stand by to assist you in providing cheap train tickets, ensuring your travel is economical. You can avail yourself of cheap train tickets by accessing websites or Apps. 

 You can get a wide variety of train tickets to cover different train routes, such as cheapest UK train tickets, cheap Amtrak tickets, cheap train tickets in Germany, cheap train tickets in France, etc.  

To get cheap train tickets, you need to make travel plans. First, you need to register yourself on specific websites or Apps.

After booking, you will be getting your status updates, or you can see your booking updates on the tools. If you opt for off-peak train tickets, you may get additional discounts or offers.  

 In advance ticket booking, the ticket price will be less than compared to late ticket booking. Now, many websites are extending their hands to offer cheap train tickets in England that ensure your hassle-free and comfortable train journey. 

5 Best Websites To Find Cheap Train Tickets Online

The internet has made many aspects of life easier, including the ability to purchase cheap train tickets. To find cheap train tickets online, you can use these five websites:






Each of these websites can help you find and buy cheap train tickets online for a specific country’s routes and trains, but there are slight differences between each website that may make one website better than the other for your needs.

How to Find Cheap Train Tickets Online: A Guide for the Savvy Traveller

As mentioned above, online is the only solution to find cheap train tickets to experience fantastic train travel to reach any destination in a country. However, you may not find a single website that provides cheap train tickets to cover every train route. So, it’s best to go directly to the rail network website of a specific country. 

For instance, if you purchase cheap train tickets in Europe online, it’s the best way to buy them through Likewise, if you want to get cheap train tickets in Germany, you need to go visit the German rail network website. 

Websites in each country do not have the same frame. They differ from rules and regulations. The Ticket booking process and payment system are different from each other, and you will have to deal with the specific country’s website rules while purchasing cheap train tickets online. 

When it comes to online train tickets, you have to follow the finest ticket money-saving strategies. You need to carefully read the print of ticket prices. For payment transactions, you will need to use the same bank card that you use to make online purchases. 

#Go advance booking for long-distance trains  

Online ticket booking is available for long-distance and short-distance trains. If you want to book cheap train tickets for a long-distance train, you have to book in advance as most of the long-distance and high-speed trains run on a grade pricing system.

Hence, you can get the cheapest train tickets by booking in advance, and the prices keep rising as the train departure date approaches. 

The price difference is totally harsh. In general, most train tickets are available for sale 80/90 days before departure. You will get the cheapest train tickets if you book tickets online before the departure of the stated days. 

#Avoid purchasing tickets during peak travel periods 

It is seen that buying tickets during peak travel is a big loss. A number of rail operators charge more for desirable morning and late afternoon periods. So, you should choose a less desirable period to get cheap train tickets. 

#Discount Cards 

Most countries offer various discount cards. By buying a discount card you can save enough money. If you take multiple train tickets in a country then you can take advantage of the discount card.  

#Railway Pass information 

 If you are planning to visit several major cities within a country, having a railway pass is a good job to do to optimize your travel.  

5 Tips for Finding Cheap Train Tickets Online

If you are concerned about finding cheap train tickets online, we are here to assist you. Here are the top 5 tips that will be helpful for you in finding cheap train tickets for a wonderful train journey in a country. 

  1. Book Ticket in Advance

Advance ticket booking is the easiest way to find cheap train tickets. The more advanced you buy tickets online, the cheaper it will be. At least 80 days in advance, you should book the ticket to get the cheapest train tickets. In case your journey is canceled, you can cancel your ticket by showing genuine reasons. 

  1. Split Ticketing

In general, most trips start before 9 a.m., and this is a peak time which incurs a higher price. So, always plan your travel during off-peak time i.e. after 9 a.m. In case you are in an emergency to make your journey before 9 a.m., you will need to buy two separate tickets for the same route. The first ticket covers the part of your trip which you take before 9 a.m., and the second one covers the rest of your trip. 

  1. Save your money with single and return tickets

If you set the time before 9.30 a.m. for the return ticket at any time, your cost would be double. So, if you intend to return via the same route, buying single and return tickets together will make it much cheaper. Return trips are usually valid for one month, therefore, you should consider using them for your other trips. 

  1. Check operators

You always need to check if there is more than one operator operating a specific route and if they have specific tickets. Some routes are operated by multiple operators. They offer direct service with a different travel duration and price. 

  1. Take a break

Unless specifically mentioned on the ticket, all tickets on the reasonable route are valid. So, you can break your journey by landing at a stop on the way, and you can also do some special journeys on this ticket. But you can get this benefit only if the route is reasonable. So, you must be able to justify the route, and never backtrack on any part of the track. 

9 Tips for Finding Cheap Train Tickets Online (UK Edition)

 If you are looking for cheap train tickets online in the UK, here are some tips for you. Our tips will assist you to find the cheapest train tickets online. 

  1. Split Ticketing

 Split Ticketing means buying a pack of multiple tickets for the same route. It saves you heaps of money. Instead of covering a journey to one ticket, it is better to split the journey into different segments and buy multiple tickets for a single route.  

  1. Book ticket in advance

 If you are planning to travel to most major UK cities with your family during the summer holidays or winter festivities, it would be a brilliant idea to book tickets in advance.

In the UK, it is available to book train tickets 90 days in advance of departure. Some companies even offer advance ticket booking up to 24 weeks in advance. Your cheapest train fare is secured with advance ticket booking. 

  1. Off-peak ticket

 The most expensive time to travel by train in the UK is observed from Monday to Friday at the peak hours of the morning. As there is a lot of rush for travel at this time, the ticket price is also high.

So, to get a cheap train ticket in the UK, you have to take the ticket after this time i.e., the off-peak period. The off-peak ticket remains valid for the whole week of travel.

The rule for getting off-peak fare is that you have to set your travel time after 10 am, and return between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

  1. Get a Railcard

Railcards are available in different forms.  There are a few Rail Cards that are on offer. 15-25 Railcards are such, that are available only for students.

The Family Railcard is for family travel. People in the age group of 26-30 years can also get Railcard. In addition, Railcards are also available for people with disabilities or those above 60 years of age.  

 The average cost of a Railcard is £30 per year. These Railcards offer you a savings of one-third of the ticket cost which makes the starting purchase of Railcard a complete success after a few trips. 

  1. Adopt Group travel

 Although this method is not so popular, with group travel, you can get train tickets at a cheap price. If you travel by train in groups of 5/10 individuals, you can save up to 34% in cost. 

  1. Travel mid-week

 Train travel on the weekends in the UK is always expensive. So, if you don’t have that many time constraints, traveling in the middle of the week can be economical for you.

You can get train tickets at a cheap price. It has been observed that, on average, booking a trip on a Wednesday is up to 20% cheaper than booking a Friday. 

  1. Free entry on UK attractions

 A range of discounts is also available on buying train tickets in the UK. You can get access to many UK attractions for free or discounted on buying a rail ticket.

Listed attractions include Cadbury World, London Zoo, Kew Gardens, and more with two persons for one voucher, and it will be available on the Days Out Guide website.

If you present the voucher with the train ticket at the listed attractions, you may also get a discount on the meal. 

  1. Buy a ticket through Trainline App

 Buying tickets through the Trainline App is another way to get cheap train tickets in the UK. Avoid buying train tickets directly from the ticket machine.

Tickets will be more expensive in this. In contrast, if you buy a ticket online via the Trainline App, it will be cheaper. In addition to money, it will also save you the hassle of waiting in line before departure from the train. 

  1. Break your journey in Advance

 Another way to get cheap train tickets in the UK is to break your return journey. The condition is that you can end your journey at any time on off-peak and super off-peak tickets only.

For instance, if you are planning to travel from London to Edinburgh, you can break your journey by using a few options on the route back. 

Buy Cheap Train Tickets Online and Save Even More discount trains tickets

So, you have noticed, by buying tickets online, you can get cheap train tickets, as well as more discounts and various offers on tickets. If you buy tickets directly from a specific railway station, you will not get the ticket so cheaply.  Secondly, if you buy train tickets from a travel agency, you will have to spend a lot of money.  

Buying tickets online is beneficial in every way. We recommend you to buy cheap train tickets online, and make your train journey enjoyable, convenient, and economical. 

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