[7 Tips] How Can be Reduce Train Ticket Price in 2023?

[7 Tips] How Can be Reduce Train Ticket Price in 2023?

train ticket price
how can reduce the train ticket price?

If you are planning to travel by train or You want to travel in Railways after Covid and You want to reduce your train fare then this article for you in this article we will be share 7 tips and telling you how can you reduce the train fare.

These tips follow you can up to 60% train fare reduce. So please read the article carefully and completely. 

Before going on to the Main article, I will share with you some terms these terms use during 11 tips Like train bookingTrain running status, Live train, PNR Status, etc. Make sure these if you don’t know how to work all them, please firstly check all terms by click on given link after that come here and read the article. 

Now comes the main topic of today’s article, we will discuss 7tips for you can reduce your train ticket price so let’s get started.

Best 7 Tips How Can be Reduce Train Ticket Price in 2023 

How Can be Reduce Train Ticket Price

Below are 7 tips, with the help of which you can reduce the fare of train tickets and make your journey enjoyable. So please read 7 tips carefully and save money in your life. 

1 – Buy in advance 

When you plan to travel by train, try to book your train ticket 15 to 20 days before you travel. We all know that railways open the ticket counter 2 months before the train time.

By doing this you can see a very low ticket price and you can get up to 60% less in the ticket as compared to the on-time ticket price. 

 Just like Amritsar Jn to Mumbai Central when you check train fare on time then train fare is almost 2000+ Rs. But if you check the fare before the 15 to 20 days then these price around 1200rs that’s the difference between.  

2 – Split your ticket 

When you are thinking of taking a long journey then if you have bought a single direct ticket on that day then it will cost more so if you split your journey by buying two or three tickets for different phases of the journey then you will get the same journey. Can be quite cheap You don’t even need to change trains again and again.  

3 – Don’t get derailed by extra fees 

To travel by train, you should not buy train tickets shortly before the departure of the train because at such times you get double the fare of the train ticket. 

4 – Check Alternative Routes 

 Whenever you plan to travel on the train, then keep the running status of your alternate train route aware so that you can save your train fare from it because most of the time when two routes of the train are the same, there is a difference of time. lasts less than before. 

If you don’t know how to check alternative routes of the train then you check out before the article on Check alternative route of the train  


Most people in the train more travel on Sunday & Friday, so if you want to avoid train fare then you should avoid traveling on Sunday Friday to do. For less crowded the railway department increase the ticket price on the days  

6 – Check Your Rail Card Eligibility 

If you travel regularly by train then you should apply for a train card, railways leave no stone unturned in providing good facilities to its passengers. With the help of which you do not need to take daily train ticket and you have to pay some money which is a very good option.

7 – Travel off-peak 

Traveling at less popular times will almost always be cheaper, simply because tickets are less in demand If there is no need for you to be at your destination at a particular time, you will save more by being flexible. If you can make your trip at off-peak times, we would definitely recommend doing so! 

FQA’s: – Book the train Ticket in less price

How can I reduce my train fare?
If you want to reduce train ticket fares, then you should keep in mind 4 tips while booking.
  • Buy in advance 
  • Split your ticket 
  • Don’t get derailed by extra fees 

How Can Applied for Rail Card in 2023? 

If you want to apply for a train card then you can easily get it, for that you have to follow the steps given below. 

  • Select the age which type you want  
  • Buy the Rail Card according to your age get the price of the railcard on age. 

Do train tickets get cheaper closer to departure? 

Cheap train tickets are usually available when they are issued by train operators for the first time. Like I mentioned above, usually, it is 12 weeks before the departure date of the train. Booking in advance can save you an average of 61% versus fares any time of the day. 

What is the price of a local train ticket? 

The fresh notification by the Indian railways stated that the platform ticket price has been increased from Rs 10 to Rs 30. Along with this, the local fare has also been increased by the railways — Rs 30 from Rs 10. 

How do I get a student railcard? 

If you are between 16 to 25 years of age, you are eligible. In this case, you can purchase your Railcard online using a valid debit or credit card, the valid UK driving license or international passport, and a digital passport-style photo to upload. Then it will be delivered for free within 5 working days. 

  • Read all the instruction  
  • Buy the Rail Card according to your age  
  • Download the Student railcard application form here 
  • File the form and send it railways  


Finally, get the information about the train ticket price to reduce, if you want to travel in any of these trains, then I would suggest you book your ticket online at least 1 to 2 months in advance otherwise you will get seat related You may have to face many types of problems, you can ticket from any trusted website. 



Finally, railways are the best way to travel from Bangalore to Mysore, so daily to know Bangalore to Mysore, more than 10,000 people book tickets. If you want to book a train ticket online then you can see our article Can 

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