How to Find Train Between Stations Enquiry in 2023

How to Find Train Between Stations Enquiry in 2023

How to Find Train Between Stations Enquiry
How to Find Train Between Stations Enquiry

Indian Railways is very big rail transport, it is updated from time to time to solve all kinds of problems of passengers, today we are present in front of you with the solution of such a problem.

If you travel on a train and you have to get the information about your railway station from your source station to the middle of the destination, then by Indian Railways, from the source station of the train in which you are traveling, from the station to the station. Can find all stations online.

In this article, we will see all the ways by which you can find all the stations coming between the two stations. If you have not seen the schedule of the metro train in the us train route series, then you can also see that if you have to go from Delhi to Agra. So, you can also see Delhi to Agra article, you will get very good information.

Let us now come to today’s topic and see how we can find the train coming between two railway stations.

How to Find Trains Between Two Stations in 2023

You have many portals available with the help of which you can find trains between two stations, but I will tell you three ways which in today’s time all three ways are very popular. You can also use the three portals and tell us through comments which way you liked.

Method 01: Indian Railway Official Website

If you want to find a train between two stations, then the most popular method is by the official website of the Indian Railway, you can easily find the train between any two stations by this website.

If you have any kind of problem, you can follow the points given below.

  1. Go to Railway Official Website

Search on Menu bar Reserved Train Between Stations

  1. Click on Reserved Train Between Stations and open New Window

  2. Now you enter Journey Date, Source Station, Destination Station

  3. Click Go, Slove captcha and Now You Can See all train Between your Source Station, Destination Station

  4. When this Type Message Show “Sorry!! No Matching Stations Found for Source” that means not available any train on the date 

Sometimes some special symbols such as #, *, +, $ appear before the train name during the table of trains between two stations on the official site of Indian Railways which are described in detail below.

#: – Indicates a temporary train. that means this train is available for a special day.

*: – This is indicating that not a starting station for the train. The train will arrive at a specific time from some other station.

+: – It indicates that many trains have the same train number

$: – Indicates that a lower berth quota is available. A lower berth quota is provided in AC and Sleeper classes for senior citizens traveling alone and above 45 years of age.

Method 02: By Go Through SMS

If you do not have a smartphone, then Indian Railways has given another method, with the help of which you can easily trace the train, by SMS to 139

There are 139 railway inquiry numbers using which you can get complete information about your local train or express train.

By following the steps given below, you can get information about the train between two stations through the message.

Send SMS TRNBT <Source> <Destination> to 139

But SMS is charged by railway by 3 Rs / SMS

Method 03: Using Third-Party Application for trains between stations

You can also check through third-party apps or websites from your smartphone, there also you have to process the same.

But you should not trust this method completely; this website and apps also provide wrong information,

then I will recommend you the above two methods. You can trust them 99% because of 1% technical error. but you must recheck once time.

If you are not aware of 3rd party apps, then you can see the 7 Best Train Time Table apps for Android and iPhone Users 2022 in this article and you can rely on these apps to some extent, you can easily add them for free.

Train Between Stations Enquiry FQAs

How is the Indian Railway train inquiry between two stations helpful?

Indian Railways have been big on many railway tracks, due to which you will get a little discount on your ticket price by doing a train check between two railway stations.

How to check trains between stations online?

You can easily check trains between two stations by visiting the official website of Indian Railways.

How can I check trains between stations through SMS?

You can check the training inquiry by SMS on 139. From this number, you can check the current train between two stations.

Send SMS TRNBT <Source> <Destination> to 139

What do the Trains between Stations headings mean?

If a passenger takes a train ticket, he has a lot of information related to the train between his two stations and the train in which the passenger will travel which is called heading which is explained one by one below.

  • S.No:- Serial Noes of Trains which stops between the two Stations.
  • Train Number: – Number of the Train which stops between the two queried stations.
  • Train Name: – Name of the Train which stops between the two queried stations.
  • Scheduled Departure Time:- Time at which train is scheduled to depart from Station.
  • Scheduled Arrival Time:- Time at which train is scheduled to arrive at To Station.
  • Platform Number: – The platform number where the train is scheduled to depart from Station.
  • S / M / T / W / T / F / S: – Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday. Weekdays on which train runs.
  • Travel Class: – Available Travel Class on the Train

How to Find a train between two stations?

If you find train between two stations then you can help the method given below which is like this

  • Indian Railway Official Website
  • By Go Through SMS
  • Using Third-Party Application for trains between stations

Conclusion: –

Before traveling on a train, travelers need to know a little about the route that they travel so that you can get a small discount on some price on a train ticket if two or 3 trains pass through that route.

Hope you like our article, if you want to get any information related to training, then you can ask us through the comment. You can also share our article on Facebook or any social media, with the help of which you can also help other people through this article.

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