How to Work "Tatkal For Sure" for Indian Railway in 2023

How to Work “Tatkal For Sure” for Indian Railway in 2023

tatkal pure sure
Tatkal For Sure

We use trains to get from one place to another. But it is not so easy to make train ticket reservations, railway reservations online can sometimes be troublesome when a festival comes. For this, we all have to book Tatkal train tickets, to book Tatkal train tickets we use Tatkal For Sure.

You can book Confirm Tatkal Ticket within just 30 seconds. That too sitting at home with mobile. Although this is a difficult task. But I am going to tell you a powerful way – How to book a Tatkal Ticket?

You will also know how difficult it has become to book Tatkal Ticket nowadays. We cannot remove it in the normal way.

Because the IRCTC website gets so crowded at the time of booking that the booking ends within 2-Minute.

What is Tatkal For Sure?

Tatkal For Sure

Many people do not know how to use Tatkal For Sure, what is it? They do not know about it. We want to tell you that Tatkal For Sure is an Android app that you can use through your Android device or pc. You can also use it as a browser plugin on your computer.

This can help you with Tatkal Auto-Booking Facility. Through this, you can fast book train tickets for yourself. This will confirm all the Train Time Table details and book the confirmed ticket for you.

How to Work Tatkal For Sure for Indian Railway in 2021?

We have told you about this extension that this is an extension, which works when installed in our Chrome browser. We will tell you How to work Tatkal for Sure for Indian Railway in 2021.

Itsautofill the ticket information given by you, and the IRCTC website where to book tickets, make the process easier so that you can get the Tatkal ticket Booking can be done easily.

This extension is fast ticket booking software. This will help auto-fill the name, address, travel details, train information, Payment Options, and Details, password, etc. you have mentioned,

which will help you in booking tickets faster. It checks the availability of IRCTC Tatkal Seat, after which you book the class for which you want to book train tickets. Its process is very fast, which helps you to book Tatkal tickets for the train.

Difference between Tatkal For Sure and other extensions

There are many other extensions and applications on the Internet for booking tickets. All this helps you to book Tatkal Tickets, but Tatkal For Sure offers you many features compared to other extensions which will help you to book train tickets in a faster and more efficient way.

It has many features which we are going to tell you below, such as –

  • Fast Ticket Booking –

Through Tatkal For Sure, you can book fast tickets; it helps you to book train tickets within micro-seconds. Time is an important point in booking Tatkal tickets which helps you to book tickets. Compared to this extension, other extensions do not work so fast.

  • Tatkal seat availability check –

Booking Tatkal Seats is easy but for this, you first need to check the availability of Tatkal seats. The Tatkal For Sure Extension first provides you the available seat information, after which it books the ticket, which helps you in getting the confirmed ticket.

  • Check Your Train Time Table –

Tatkal For Sure Software checks the Train Time Table according to the information given by you. Sometimes we do not know the exact timetable of the train. But for this you do not need to worry, Tatkal For Sure software caters to your needs like this.

  • Auto Fill Details –

The most important point in Booking IRCTC Tatkal Ticket is to fill in the correct ticket information. Tatkal For Sure helps you to fill in the information given by you correctly in Autofill.

While booking tickets, you have to give many types of information like – Name, address, travel details, train information, password, etc. It takes a lot of time to fill all these in the form, but this extension auto-fill all the details in a few seconds.

  • 100% Confirm Tatkal Ticket

You have to face many problems in booking Tatkal Ticket. The biggest problem is not getting a 100% Confirm Ticket.

Many extensions claim you 100% Confirm tickets but are unable to do so. Therefore, you are advised to use Tatkal For Sure Extension, it will help you in getting 100% Confirm Tatkal Ticket.

FAQ Based on Tatkal Booking

Is tatkal waiting will confirm?

There used to be a CKWL to confirm the train ticket, which used to be a waiting list, but it has been removed some time ago.

Now TQWL system has been introduced by Indian Railways which directly confirms the ticket to you.

Here your ticket does not go into RAC status, confirmed ticket is available directly.

What are the new rules for tatkal booking?

The time to book a tatkal ticket is different. If you want to book tickets for air-conditioned (AC) classes, you can book tickets for this at 10 am every day.

And there is a time of 11 am to book tickets for non-AC classes a day before the actual date of travel.

You can book four passengers on a PNR number as opposed to six passengers while booking a normal Tatkal Train Ticket.

What happens if the booking stops during payment?

We want to tell you that you do not have to face this kind of problem on the Tatkal For Sure Extension.

You can see this type of problem on other extensions like Tatkal Ticket Now, Book Tatkal. Booking does not stop during the payment process at Tatkal for sure.

What is Tatkal booking Charge?

Tatkal booking fees vary across categories. The fare for the second class is determined at the rate of 10% of the basic fare.

Reserved is Rs 10.00 for the second sitting, 100 Rs for Sleeper. 125 Rs for AC Chair Car. 400 Rs for AC 2 Tier. Is determined. Tatkal booking fee is determined by the Railway Board.

Final Word

We have provided you complete information about this extension. This extension will help you in providing a tatkal auto-booking facility.

This is a better extension that is available for booking fast tatkal tickets. It provides you all facilities to book tickets at IRCTC.

It takes about 5,50,000 to 6,50,000 ticket bookings per day and helps passengers to confirm the first ticket.

You can also use the Premium Tatkal Tickets facility through Tatkal For Sure. Its fare is not much, it is similar to the standard fare system. This entire process works on the basis of a complex pricing algorithm.

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