MMTS Train Timings 2022 – Differences MEMU, EMU And DMU Trains

MMTS Train Timings
MMTS Train Timings

MMTS Train Timings: There are many types of trains run in India, some trains run under the Indian Railways and some trains run under the state government and central government.

Under-Metro trains run by the state government, but many cities of some big states run trains in partnership with both the state government and Indian Railways, of which MMTS train is a good example.

Today we will try to know about MMTS trains, MEMU, EMU, and DMU trains in this article and to know what are the differences between them.

MMTS (multi-modal transport system) Train:

August 9, 2003, MMTS means the Hyderabad multi-modal transport system allows the MMTS train to run in the big city of Hyderabad; it can travel every type of passenger like a local train. This train runs under the government of Hyderabad and Telangana.

This train has been run so that the local people do not face any kind of trouble, this train travels 150 to 200 km in around and the average speed of the train is 50Km / hr. Are occur

MMTS Train Live Status Online

If you want to check the live train running status of MMTS trains online, that you can check the MMTS Train Timings android application from the google play store with the help of it or follow the steps given below.

Steps 1: Go to google play store

Steps 2: Search MMTS Train Timings on google play store box

Steps 3: Install 1st android app and go to home page

Steps 4: Select Source and destination mmts stations

Steps 5: Now Live status of MMTS Trains and current location

Steps 6: you can check also Nearest MMTS Station from your current location.

How to MMTS Train Ticket book?

The Indian government also wants that the Indian people should be more and more cashless, for which Hyderabad has given tickets for the 24 may 2018 MMTS train online.

Steps 1: Go to govt Official website

Steps 2: Login or Sing Up as your Requirement

Steps 3: After longed Select Source station, Dentation Station and Date

Steps 4: Book the Ticket and cut your amount from R-Wallet

Steps 5: You Recharge your R-Wallet from Railway Stations by using any payment mode

Some Important things remind keep in mind before booking a ticket for MMTS Trains

  • Need to share your location permission
  • You must be at least 28 meters away from the railway station or track
  • You can’t book tickets when you are at a railway station
  • You must be at least within 5 Kms radius to book tickets
  • Payment failures and refunds.

Inquiry, Complaints, and suggestions for MMTS Trains

To enquire of MMTS or any train MMTS travelers can give their valuable suggestions and complaints to south-central railways through the following means:

  • General Information – 139
  • Reservation Inquiries – 135
  • English, Telugu & Hindi – 1345

MMTS Train gets By SMS Enquiry, Complaint, and Suggestions:

  • Complaint/suggestion can be registered at 8121281212 by sending an SMS
  • In response, an automated acknowledgment with a unique ID will be sent as an SMS
  • With the unique ID, passengers can know the status of the complaint by sending an SMS
  • STATUS < SPACE > < REFERENCE ID>” to 8121281212
  • logging on

The final reply will be sent through an SMS and will also be available on the website-

MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit):

In the 90s, Indian Railways built MEMU in which 10 feet 8-inch-wide coaches were made.

In 2018, the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) built a new MEMU capable of operating 110–30 km / h.

MEMU stands for Mainline Electric Multiple Unit. It serves a lot of short distances. This train is run for urban and suburban.

The system is an electric system, run with the help of 25 kV AC. Each MEMU train has eight coaches.

They are made up of two units, each with a motorcoach and three trailer coaches. The trailer coach had two toilets for passengers and one for the crew.

EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) Train

Electric multiple units are electric-powered trains. These trains are more common around the world. These types of trains are made up of two or more semi-permanently coupled carriages.

Most of the places in EMU trains are for passengers but some places are partial. The same goes for salmon-like salmon. The more well-known electric multiple units in the world are high-speed trains such as

Italian Pendolino, Shinkansen in Japan, China Railway High-Speed, and ICE 3 in Germany. Retired New York – Washington Metroller service, and later Amtrak also featured high-speed electric multiple-unit train.

EMU has operations in India also in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and it is growing slowly.

DMU (Diesel multiple units) Trains

DMU usually means Diesel multiple units which is the train that runs from diesel. This type of train runs not only in India but also in many foreign countries Ireland, Romania, Slovakia.

The diesel engine may be located above the frame in an engine bay or under the floor. Driving controls can be at both ends, on one end, or in a separate car.

  • Diesel – mechanical
  • Diesel-hydraulic
  • Diesel-electric

FQAs:- MMTS Train Timings

How to Download the MMTS Train Timings application?

You can download the MMTS Train Timings application from your phone’s apple store or google play store or you can also follow our below-given steps

Steps 1: Go to google play store or click line

Steps 2: Search MMTS Train Timings on google play store box

Steps 3: Install 1st android app and go to home page

Steps 4: Select Source and destination most stations

Is MMTS running in Hyderabad?

Since August 9, 2003, MMTS trains were run in Hyderabad, which runs under the government of Telangana and Central Government.

Can we buy MMTS tickets online?

There is no way to book MMTS tickets. You can only book with the help of R-Wallet from the official link given by the Government of Hyderabad.

  1. Need to share your location permission
  2. You must be at least 28 meters away from the railway station or track
  3. You can’t book tickets when you are at a railway station
  4. You must be at least within 5 Kms radius to book tickets

Is the UTS App ticket valid?

According to Railway rules, the UTS App ticket will be valid only till 2h of booking. That ticket will no longer be valid for the platform after 2h hours.

Will MMTS trains run on Sunday?

Hyderabad local train services are limited on Sundays. Some services that run between 11 am and 3 pm are canceled. Please check Mimi’s timetable before planning your trip on Sunday to Hyderabad. * “Trains marked in our timetable will not run on Sunday.


In the end, whatever monthly earnings of MMTS trains go to the state government and the central government, about 50, 000 more passengers travel daily in MMTS train.

Hope you like the information given by us for MMTS DMU and EMU and will help you in the future. If you are having any kind of problem while traveling on the MMTS train, then you can ask us through comment, we will try to help you soon.

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