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Mumbai Local Train Status 2023 – Live, Status, Publicly, Local

Mumbai Local Train Status
Mumbai Local Train Status

Mumbai Local Train Status: In many previous articles, we have seen how we can track the train and see its live status. But when we live in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, we travel in local trains, then many android apps and websites are unable to tell the running status of that local train, so you have to face a lot of problems.

don’t worry, today we will give information about this topic in this article, if you travel more on a local train, then what app/website information should you trust and how you can get the running status of the local train.

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How to check local Train Running Status?

local Train Running Status

If you live in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, then you will get many apps related to your city, with the help of which you can check the running status of the local train, but you are given very little information on them, in such a way, you have many types of problems.

You may have to face it like late arriving in college, office, or missing an urgent meeting. I will tell you some of the best apps and third-party websites on which you can trust and get your local train-related information get it like Tran live status, Tran canceled, Tran schedule, and how long the train is late

M-indicator for Local Train application

If you live in Mumbai, Pune, or Delhi and you travel throughout the day, then you will definitely hear about this app. M-indicator is an iOS and Android application. It is designed for cities like Local Transport Mumbai Delhi.

With the help of apps, you can get information about local train buses. It has been developed especially for local trains of Mumbai Delhi and Pune.

It contains details about 232 trains making 3,000 daily trips through 108 stations on the city’s suburban train network, it has 84000 timetable entries.

You can check the timetable and schedule of many local trains using this app. Over 10M people have downloaded this app on their Google Play Store with a rating of 4.5 on their smartphones. You can trust this app to a great extent, this app provides you with all the information related to the local trains.


M-indicators are very good features with the help of which you can easily travel in a crowded city like Delhi Pune, if you come to Mumbai from a village, then this app is going to be very helpful for you.

  1. Local Train & Express Train
  2. Bus & Msrtc & Mono
  3. Train Chat
  4. Auto &Cab
  5. Food
  6. Women safety 
  7. Picnic

With the help of all the above features, you can make your journey easy and comfortable.

Even if you are looking for a room or flat to rent in Mumbai, this app can help you, with the help of this app,

you should enter the address in the location where you want to rent and you will get the option if there are rents available.

Mumbai Local Trains

Mumbai is one of the busiest cities, due to which transports are a very busy train, one of which most people in Mumbai prefer to travel by train, due to which local trains are very popular in Mumbai.

Here you get the arrival of trains in every station every 2 to 3 minutes, Mumbai local train is very popular,

it is said that if you want to fulfill your dreams in Mumbai, then you have to go to Mumbai local train before that have to pass.

Mumbai local train route

Due to the high prevalence of local trains in Mumbai, with the help of about 5 sections in the entire city of Mumbai, Mumbai local trains are divided in the entire city, including western line, central line, harbor line, trans harbor line, and Uran section.

Some more routes are also connected with Mumbai local train which comes under the western line, central line section which is known as the connecting junction.

Let us now try to do a good description of all these sections one by one and see which city of Mumbai can we reach with the help of all the sections.

  • Western line

Western line is one of the most popular local train railway routes in Mumbai city. Mumbai local trains travel from Churchgate to Virar city on this train line, covering a distance of about 60 km, which takes about 1h .30min to complete the distance.

This Doran Mumbai local train takes approximately 14 halts. and 28 passes through the intermediate station. More MEMU trains run in this western line. if you don’t know what is the MEMU Train then you can check the MMTS Train Timings article

Mumbai Local Train Passout Major City Churchgate to Virar Route

Churchgate Marine Charni Road Grant Road
Mumbai Central Mahalaxmi Lower Parel Prabhadevi
Dadar Matunga Road Mahim Junction Bandra
Khar Road Santacruz Vile Parle Andheri
Jogeshwari Goregaon Malad  Kandivali
Borivali Mira Road Bhayander Dahanu Road
  • Central line

There are 3 routes of Mumbai local train connect from Mumbai Central line which travel all over Mumbai city.

  • CST To Kasara via Kalyan
  • Central line to Khopoli via Kalyan
  • CST to Kalyan

Passout Major City from CST To Kasara Route

Mumbai CST Masjid Bunder Sandhurst Road, Byculla
Chinchpokli Vikroli Kanjurmarg Bhandup
Nahur Mulund Kalwa Mumbra
Diva Dombivali Thakurli Kalyan


Due to being divided into two sections, the Kalyan railway station passes through different railway stations. which is Karjat & Kasara

  • Karjat

The Mumbai local train is passing through Vithalwadi, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, Badlapur, Vangani, Shelu, Neral, Bhivpuri, karjat, Palasdhari Kelavi, Dolavli Lowjee Khopoli

  • Kasara

The Mumbai local train is passing through with kasara section Kalyan, Shahad, Ambivli, Titwala, Khadvali, Vashind, Asangaon, Atgaon, Transit, Khardi, Umbermail, Kasara

  • Trans Harbor line

There are many routes of harbor line, which are run by different trains like we mentioned above that most of the trains run in Mumbai MEMU, almost every 5 to 10 minutes interval of train arrival. below the given train route for the Harbor line section to Mumbai local train

  1. Wadala Road to Andheri
  2. Wadala Road to Mankhurd
  3. Navi Mumbai to Panvel
  4. Vashi to Thane
  • Uran

This is a recent new edition in Mumbai local train section in which only a few trains have been introduced which are Nerul, Seawood Darave, Belapur, CBD Bamandongri Kharkopar

Mumbai local train route map

How to Download M-indicator Android & iOS?

M-Indicator is very easy to download on Android & iOS but still, if you do not have any problem, then follow the points given below.

  • Steps I: Go to google play store or Apple app store
  • Steps II: Search M-indicator and click on 1st app
  • Steps III: Now you click on the Install button
  • Steps IV: After some time, apps are installed, and click on open
  • Steps V: Get allow all permission and allow your location
  • Steps VI: Now you click on a local train and check the running status after entering the train number
  • Steps VII: The same method you follow for other transport

Mumbai Local Train Route Finder

You can check the Mumbai local train route easily for this you can follow some steps by giving us. today’s time you can see many train router finders or applications with help of you can find or track the train live status follow the steps.

  • Go to google and search Mumbai local train route finder
  • Click the 1st link and install the Mumbai Local Train Route Map & Timetable app
  • After installing you can use this app for the all details regarding Mumbai local trains buses and auto.

FAQ’s Of Mumbai Local train Status

How to Check Train status for local Train?

You should use the M-Indictor app to check the status of the local train. The interface of this app is user-friendly so that you can easily run this app on your smartphone. To see the running status of the local train, follow the guideline given below.

  1. Go to google play store
  2. install M-indictor app
  3. get allow permission for your current location excess
  4. after clicking on a local train and enter the train number
  5. wait some time and you excess all detail regarding your train number

What is M-Indictor?

M-Indictor is an android and iOS application which is giving all information regarding local transport, it helps passengers forget the live status for local & Express trains.

It contains details about 232 trains making 3,000 daily trips through 108 stations on the city’s suburban train network, it has 84000 timetable entries with the help of this app, the location, and calculator of metro and other buses can also be found. These are also ready for Medical.

How to check train status for the local trains?

You can get this information on call 139 but if you want to look online, you can check it by putting a train number on any Android app or any third-party website.

However, you cannot trust much on third-party websites and apps, so I will recommend you check with the help of Indian Railways’ official website or NETs app.

Who can travel by local trains?

Initially, only those engaged in essential services were allowed to travel via local trains. But as per the proposal from the state government of Railways, the general public is allowed to travel by Mumbai local trains during non-peak hours.

How do I get a QR code for the local train?

  • Step 1: go to google play store and install UTS App from Indian Railways which helps for booking unreserved train tickets.
  • Step 2: After Installation click on Book Ticket from the Menu bar, there will be an option of QR Booking.
  • Step 3: Now visit the Railway station where the QR code is provided and then scan the QR code via UTS App.
  • Steps 4: Select the Source station to Depurated station
  • Steps 5: ticket payment and get the ticket initially

Final Thought:

Traveling on a local train is a very difficult task, yet you have to travel on a local train if you get the time schedule for a train, then a traveling traveler gets a lot of help.

In this way, today we have given you a lot related to local train Have given information, hope you liked our knowledge and understanding. You can share our Mumbai Local Train Status article with your friends or you know someone who is new in cities like Mumbai Delhi, then you can help them with this article too.



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