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16346 Live Netravati Express Running Status in 2023

Netravati Express is available 7 days a week. It is connected from the state of Maharashtra to the state of Kerala. The start point is Mumbai and the last stop is Thiruvananthapuram.

The respective stations are Lokmanya Tilak, Mumbai (LTT), and Trivandrum Central, Kerala (TVC). The total distance is 1498 km. It takes 30hrs 45mins to cover the distance.

Not a superfast train, it halts at a total of 45 stations with 227 intermediate stations. Starts in the morning at 11.40 am from LTT and reaches Trivandrum Central around 6.25 pm that is the next day evening. It generally departs from platform number 1 at LTT and arrives at platform number 3 at TVC.

The train travels along with the Konkan range. The Netravati Express runs at an average speed of 49 km/hr. It goes to 110 km/hr between Roha and Shoranur Junction (SRR). The train has AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, Non AC Sleeper coach, Sitting coach, and a Pantry Car.

Netravati Express

Netravati Express(16345 ) Time Table and Route Map

Station Name  

Distance covered  


LTT Lokmanya Tilak Terminus   0.0 km   11:40  
TNA Thane   16.5 km   12:01  
PNVL Panvel Jn   49.3 km   12:50  
ROHA Roha   124.1 km   14:25  
KHED Khed   222.6 km   15:53  
CHI Chiplun   252.2 km   16:20  
RN Ratnagiri   327.6 km   17:50  
KUDL Kudal   467.3 km   19:40  
THVM Thivim   517.5 km   20:38  
KRMI Karmali   535.0 km   21:10  
MAO Madgaon Jn   563.7 km   22:20  
CNO Canacona   596.6 km   23:00  
KAWR Karwar   623.9 km   23:26  
KT Kumta   679.0 km   00:20  
MRDW Murdeshwar   719.0 km   01:00  
BTJL Bhatkal   733.8 km   01:30  
BYNR Byndoor Mookambika Road   748.9 km   01:48  
KUDA Kundapura   782.5 km   02:22  
UD Udupi   814.5 km   02:50  
SL Surathkal   856.1 km   03:40  
MAJN Mangaluru Jn   870.1 km   04:35  
KGQ Kasaragod   924.0 km   05:23  
KZE Kanhangad   947.1 km   05:48  
CHV Charvattur   961.7 km   06:03  
PAY Payyanur   976.4 km   06:13  
KPQ Kannapuram   995.6 km   06:33  
CAN Kannur   1010.1 km   06:57  
TLY Thalassery   1030.8 km   07:18  
KPY Karunagappalli   1406.6 km   15:50  
QLN Kollam Jn   1433.9 km   16:17  
VAK Varkala Sivagiri  1457.5 km   16:53  
TVC Thiruvananthapuram Central   1498.4 km   18:25 


How much distance is covered by NETRAVATI EXPRESS 16345?

The distance covered by Netravati Express is 1498km. To cover this distance it takes 30hrs and 45mins in total. You need to spend almost 2 days and one night on the train.

Netravati Express is not a fast train but generally is on time without much delay. The “distance covered” column above shows the distance covered when the train crosses each station.

Where is Netravati Express in 2023?

Due to the pandemic, this train is not running yet in 2022. Until now, only covid special trains are running between the states.

There is an alternate train running in place of Netravati Express from LTT to TVC which is named LTT TVC SPL. The special train starts at 11.40 am and reach TVC on the next day at 18.05 pm.

The total time required is 30hrs 25mins for this special express. The same type of facilities as Netravati Express, the Special express is available daily. This train halts at 43 stations.

Unlike Netravati Express the LTT TVC SPL does not stop at Canacona and Bhatkal stations. Seat availability is also high since most are avoiding travel due to covid 19. You can book your tickets for AC 3 tier and 2 tier, sleeper, or sitting coach in this alternate train. The pantry option is majorly discontinued for now.

Where is train 16345?

Train 16345 that is Mumbai LTT and Trivandrum Central runs between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Trivandrum Central. You can find the exact current location of the express in various apps. Some of these apps are M indicator, Railyatri (IRCTC), etc. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have an alternate option train number 06345. The running status of this train is aptly found in railyatri. In this particular app, the live status of any train is made more interesting with the help of animation.

How to cancel the ticket for the Netravati Express train?

To cancel your ticket you can directly go to the IRCTC site and log in there. If you have bought your ticket from IRCTC itself, then you can go to your current or live bookings and make your cancellation there. If you have booked it through Railyatri (IRCTC) App then you can click on the left top menu bar and go to my orders. Here you can select and cancel a particular ticket.

If you have booked your ticket from a railway ticket counter, then you can either go to the counter itself for cancellation or log in to the site or app mentioned before. Here you need to fill in essential details before you can cancel the ticket. Varied cancellation charges from Rs.60 to Rs.240 are levied as per your ticket category only if the cancellation is done before 48hrs of your train departure schedule.

If canceled within 48hrs and 12hrs then 25% of the amount is deducted. If canceled between 12hrs to 4hrs then 50% cancellation charges are deducted. The remaining money after cancellation is refunded within 7 working days. Cancellation cannot be done when 4hrs are left for the train departure.



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