PNR Status in Indian Railway 2023 [Updated] With IRCTC Online

PNR Status in Indian Railway 2023 [Updated] With IRCTC Online

PNR Status in Indian Railway
PNR Status in Indian Railway

PNR Status in Indian Railway: Who does not like to travel on a train? If you are born in a country like India, then you have not done a train journey? It is not possible that if you want to travel cheaply in India, then your train will be the first-choice train to travel in the city or on private buses.

Compared to doing this, because in the city or private buses, you may have to face a lot of problems, not getting seat, congestion, and fare more, but in the train, you have to face such problems a lot.

If you have traveled in superfast trains or express trains, then you must have heard about PNR Status on Indian Railway. If not listening then there is nothing to worry about.

Today we will try to get information about PNR Status in full detail in this article and learn. What is PNR Status and where is it used while traveling and from where we can check our PNR Status.

About Train PNR Status 2022

PNR is known as “Passenger Name Record” which is known as PNR in short form PNR is found in your book ticket as 10 digits in which your data is stored like name, age, train number, seat position. And information such as the price of tickets, which are a record in the database of the computer reservation system (IR-CRS) of Indian Railways.

PNR is a unique number for every passenger, then how many times they take a ticket from counter, this time process is also while booking from an online website. However, if you book reservations tickets, then together with a Single PNR number can book a ticket for max. 6 people, you can access the following information by checking Status PNR Train

  • Name of Train
  • Number of Vehicles
  • you can excess Coach, seat number and quota, etc.
  • Traveling Date
  • Booking status at the time of reservation (whether this waiting list, RAC, etc. has been confirmed)
  • Current status (This is confirmed at the time of the waiting list, RAC, etc.)
  • Ticket fee
  • Traveling Class just likes 1 AC, 2 AC, CC, SL, etc.
  • Chart preparation status
  • Name of station (Strat, Endpoint)
  • Boarding point

How To Check PNR Status?

There are many ways to check PNR status from where you can check your PNR Status in Indian Railway. To check train PNR status, you have to have a book ticket, after which you can check PNR status from many official websites, some methods are given below with the help of which you can check your train PNR status.

  • on IRCTC website (only for registered users)

Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry (for unregistered users)

  • From Railway Enquiry counters
  • Other mobile applications and third-party websites (go for only Some trusted websites)
  • Throughout the Final reservation charts

Check PNR Status from IRCTC website (only for registered users)

If you have to check the train PNR status, then the easiest way is you can go to the official IRCTC website created by the Indian government, you have to put a 10-digit PNR in it and you will have all the information related to PNR in you.

However, on this website you have to register yourself first, after that you can do it for the PNR check train. It is easy to register, just you have to enter your email id and password and by clicking on the sign up you will get a confirmation mail on your email id and You will become a registered user of this website, after that, follow the points given below to check PNR status.

Step 1: Go to on IRCTC official website
Step 2: Log in website
Step 3: After logging in, you have to go to the menu bar and find PNR status, and clicking it will take you to the PNR status checker page.
Step 4: Enter your PNR number in the box. Click the ‘Get Status’ button.
Step 5: Now, you will get the PNR status of your booking with all ticket information.

An android application of IRCTC is also available by the Indian government, which you can download from Google Play Store, and with its help, you can check the PNR status train which will be completed with the same process.

PNR Status check for train from Railway Passenger Reservation Enquiry

To check PNR Status in Indian Railway, there are 2nd method for you, with the help which you can check the PNR status of any train, in this method, you will have to go to the Railway Passenger Reservation Inquiry official website and you will be able to check your PNR on this website without you Will be able to easily do this work for a registration

Step 1: Go to Indian Railways Passenger Enquiry Site

Step 2: you have to go to the menu bar and find PNR status and clicking it will take you to the PNR status checker page.

Step 3: Enter your PNR number. Click ‘Submit’.

Step 4: Your PNR Status with journey details will be displayed on the page

I think this is the best method to check PNR status, I also use it personally and I will recommend my visitors to follow this website ( too.

PNR live Status from Other mobile applications and third-party websites

To get the information of PNR live status, you also have some apps and third-party websites in the market from where you can easily check the PNR status, but in all these websites many websites can also miss your data, so I would suggest that you only check your PNR status with the above 2 methods.

However, you can trust some very high authority websites like,, etc. You can get information on PNR status on your mobile by calling 139 or by SMS, you can see us Railway Inquiry number article for that. In that article, we have discussed the complete use of 139 in the Indian railway.

Check PNR live Status from Final reservation charts

When you try to check PNR status with the help of the Indian Railway Reservation Chart, you will get to see some names in short form, which you should know beforehand otherwise you may face a lot of difficulty in checking your PNR status. Given that, we have given you some short-form word actual mean below.

Cnf: Confirmed
RAC:  Reservation Against Cancellation
WL:  Waitlist
CAN:  Canceled
GNWL:  General waitlist
TQWL:  Tatkal Waitlist
PQWL:  Pooled Quota Waitlist
RLWL:  Remote Location Waitlist
RSWL: Roadside Station Waitlist
RQWL: Request Waitlist

finally, if you have to cancel your ticket or you have to change any PNR status with seat position, then you can do all this work online with your PNR status.

FQAs- PNR Status in Indian Railway

What is the validity of the Indian Railways PNR Number?

With the help of a PNR number, you complete your entire journey successfully. When you complete your journey, your Pnr status becomes invalid.

Can we travel with only the PNR number?

Yes, if the passenger does not have a ticket and if he has a PNR number, you can get permission to travel, but you can prove Titi in advance and get your ticket from them.

What does a PNR number store?

A PNR no. has the following information: Details of the passenger, which include name, age, and gender. Details of the train, which include train numbers, coach and seat numbers, class of travel, and departure station. Details of the ticket, which include the mode of payment, transaction ID, and fare.

How is a PNR number issued for a train?

The PNR number consists of two parts and the first three digits specify the region from which the ticket is booked. The starting digit of the PNR number indicates where the train will start.

As any Indian Railway train ticket is booked with a PRS (Passenger Reservation System), the two successful digits after the first number will denote the particular PRS. When the train starts from PNR No.1 on the ticket, it will originate from the SCR zone from Sunderaraj PRS.

When PNR no. Starts at 2 or 3, it will be issued from NR, NCR, NWR, or NER from New Delhi PRS. Point of Origin can be SWR, SCR, or SR from Chennai PRS, with starting numbers 4 or 5 on the PNR number.

When the PNR number starts with 6 or 7, it will originate from Kolkata PRS with station code, NFR, ER, ER, ELOR, SER, or SECR. PNR issued from Mumbai PRS to CRM, WCR, or WR, with 8 or 9 as digit numbers. The last 7 digits of Indian Railways are prepared from formats to give PNR numbers.


Hope you find the information given by us related to PNR status in Indian Railway beneficial, if you like our article, you can share it with your friends, if you have any problem during the train journey then you can comment on us. We will try to help you soon.

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