Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges in 2023 Tatkal RAC, Refund Rules

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges in 2023 Tatkal RAC, Refund Rules

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges: Almost everyone has traveled by train. If you have traveled by train, then you must have booked the ticket at the time of travel, in such a situation, you have many booking tickets, out of which the process of canceling an instant train ticket is.

If you have any kind of information related to train ticket booking, then you can see our previous article, in which we have given complete information related to train to book.

Today we will discuss the charge of the Tatkal ticket cancellation in this article. And you will know whether or not the train will deduct the transaction charge after some time after booking the ticket in 2022 and how can you cancel your ticket after booking the train ticket and how much money the railway returns to you.

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charge

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Cancellation charges IRCTC

If you have booked a train ticket and you cannot travel on that train due to any reason then you can cancel your ticket but before that, you should know how much money you will get back on cancellation of a booked ticket This is a separate fee for each class ticket.

IRCTC pays more attention to the train ticket policy and after some time it keeps changing it, which is not known to every passenger, so we have tried to give information about all types of refund policy in this article for you. Request you to read this article carefully and complete

Cancellation Rule & Policy of e-Tickets Booked Through IRCTC in 2023

Cancellation of e-tickets booked through the IRCTC platform (official website or mobile app) can be done only through that. You cannot cancel the e-ticket by visiting the PRS counters.

The e-ticket is canceled only till the preparation of the chart for the journey. Preparation of the first and second charts is done at least 4 hours and 30 minutes respectively before the departure of the train.

After that, you cannot cancel the ticket if you are difficult to get a refund. Usually, for a train starting at 12:00 noon, the chart is drawn on the previous night.

If you want to cancel your e-ticket after preparing the chart, then you have to fill the online ticket deposit receipt or TDR. In this case, it may take about 30 to 90 days for the money to be deposited.

(If you do not know how to fill TDR, then you can see our previous article there, you have been explained well now.)

Cancellation of Counter Tickets in 2023

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges
Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges

Indian Railways allows the cancellation of tickets purchased at PRS counters in three different ways. With the help of which you can easily cancel your booked ticket.

1. Online Method: –

You can cancel your PRS counter ticket by logging onto the official website of IRCTC by providing your ticket details like train number and PNR number. But this is possible only when you provided a valid mobile number at the time of booking. You will receive the cancellation confirmation and refund details on the registered mobile number.

2. Offline Method: –

By filling in the details on the cancellation request form, we can get the PRS counter ticket canceled at any PRS counter of the Indian Railways.

3. SMS Method: –

You can also cancel your PRS counter ticket by sending an SMS to 139. To cancel your ticket via SMS, type “CANCEL (PNR Number) (Train Number) and send to 139”.

Note: –The cancellation of counter tickets is permitted only under normal circumstances, not when a train is running late or canceled. In addition, for all three modes listed above, refunds can be collected at the station where the journey was to begin or by surrendering the original ticket from PRS locations within the specified timeframe.

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges

Tatkal ticket service is for those passengers who are planning to travel by train in an emergency, ticket booking for this service opens 24h before train departure.

However, many times passengers have to cancel their tatkal tickets because when the passengers are waiting for the list like waiting, RAC, then there are high chances of the tatkal ticket not getting a berth in the train coach and the passenger does not want his/her tatkal ticket. Tatkal tickets have to be canceled.

Before canceling the tatkal ticket, you should know about the refund policy once because Indian Railways keeps updating its tatkal refund policy with new rules from time to time.

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges & Policies for Confirmed Tickets in 2023

The railways charge the confirmed ticket according to the time, which we have explained with the help of a chart below.

Prior to 48 hours: In the event of a confirmed ticket being canceled 48 hours before the start of the journey, the charges apply which are as follows:

Class of Travel

Cancellation Fee per Passenger

AC First Class and Executive Class

240 + GST

AC 2 Tier and First Class

200 + GST

AC-3tier, AC Chair Car, and AC-3Economy

180 + GST

Sleeper Class

120 + GST

Second Class

60 + GST

48 hours to 12 hours:

If you cancel your confirmed ticket 48 hours before the start of the journey and less than 12 hours, you will be charged 25% of the total ticket price. This cancellation policy is also subject to a minimum flat cancellation fee, as indicated in the table above, depending on the class of travel.

12 hours and up to 4 hours:

If you choose to cancel a confirmed ticket less than 12 hours before the start of the trip and up to 4 hours, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total ticket price. The minimum flat cancellation fees listed above apply depending on the class of travel.

Tatkal Waiting for Ticket Cancellation

If You Have To Cancel Your Tatkal Waiting Or RAC Train Ticket You Can Cancel Half An Hour Before The Departure Of The Train Earlier Waiting List/Cancellation Of RAC Was Allowed 24 Hours

Before Departure But When The Passenger Is On Waiting List/Cancellation Of The Train Ticket. If he does not get a confirmed seat from the RAC seat, then he can cancel his ticket 30min before the departure of the train.

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charge

  1. As per the cancellation policy of Indian Railways, it was confirmed that no refund is given for the cancellation of Tatkal tickets.
  2. Partial cancellation of Tatkal tickets is also permitted.
  3. In case of waiting for a Tatkal ticket, the cancellation fee will be as per the existing waitlist cancellation rules. You can also opt for partial cancellation of Tatkal tickets. Learn more about Tatkal tickets here.
  4. In the case of a partially confirmed family or party tatkal ticket, the cancellation rules are similar to the normal quota ticket.

FQA’s of Tatkal waiting List Cancellation Charge

What are the Tatkal tickets?

Launched in the year 1997, the Tatkal scheme enables passengers to book their tickets one day before the actual date of travel. Tatkal bookings are available for all seat categories such as Sleeper Class, 3A, 2A, and Executive Classes.

Is Tatkal’s waitlist ticket refundable?

If the Tatkal tickets are not confirmed on the waiting list or RAC is not found, they are automatically canceled and the passenger gets a refund. Refund: The confirmed ticket does not receive a refund upon cancellation. If canceled 30 minutes before the scheduled schedule, ticket refunds with RAC or waiting lists are available.

How can I cancel my TQWL ticket?

Even if you do not cancel your TQWL ticket, you will get a refund, so it is better not to waste your time canceling it. But if you have booked a ticket through the counter, you will have to cancel it to get a refund. In the case of booking through IRCTC, you do not have to worry about the cancellation of the WL ticket.

How much money is refunded on the cancellation of the Tatkal ticket?

No refund will be given to you under Indian Railways Tatkal Refund Policy when your train ticket is for cancellation of confirmed Tatkal ticket. But when your ticket is for cancellation of waiting list tatkal ticket, then you will be given a refund after deducting the fee as per existing Railway rules.

Is the Tatkal ticket refundable?

No refund give when a ticket Confirm tatkal ticket but when the ticket is waiting for the list tatkal ticket, RAC tatkal ticket then you get the refund according to existing railway rules.

Is the Tatkal ticket refundable if not confirmed?

Yes, when the ticket is not covered under the tatkal confirmed ticket then you can cancel your tatkal ticket 30 minutes before the departure of a train from the station.

How can I cancel my Tatkal ticket?

Cancellation of Tatkal ticket is an easy task, you can complete it easily, just you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Log in to your IRCTC account
Step 2: Click on ‘Cancel Tickets’
Step 3: Choose the ticket you desire to cancel and click on ‘Cancel’

Or you can also use any third-party app in which you can cancel your tatkal train ticket with the help of your PNR number.


Everyone likes to travel by train and most people book their tickets 2 months before their journey to get their confirmed ticket, but in the future, they have to cancel that trip for some reason. So keep the information about the canceled ticket. I hope that you have understood the process of ticket cancellation of Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges from this article.

If you are not busy with terms like CNF, RAC WCL, then you have our You should see articles like Ticket Status in TrainMeaning of CNF or RAC or WL in Rail Ticket, which will make you feel better while traveling in train. Hope you liked our article, if you found this article informative, then you can share it with your social media account and your friends and help them.

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