Ticket Status in Train 2023 - Meaning of CNF, RAC or WL in Rail Ticket

Ticket Status in Train 2023 – Meaning of CNF, RAC or WL in Rail Ticket

Ticket Status in Train
Ticket Status in Train

Ticket Status in Train: Who does not like traveling by rail and lives in the developing cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, then you travel by train at least once every day.

But when you travel somewhere away or from your home. If you have to come home from the festival or the essential work of the house when you are out when you book your ticket months in advance.

It is time to go, we try to find out online ticket status in train but we get a lot of problems to try to face?

And we get very nervous at that time, in such a situation, today we brought you the complete detail of this article. Due to which we can see the online status of your booked ticket whether it was canceled or is currently on the waiting list.

Our article will have to be read very carefully; you will be able to know the status of your train ticket easily after following the given septs.

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Types of Indian Railway Tickets

In Indian Railways, ticket booking starts 120 days in advance, when you book your ticket, you can get your ticket in two ways. Indian Railways mainly has elaborate types of tickets which are known as E-ticket and i-ticket.


I-ticket means Internet ticket. It is like a normal ticket. This ticket can be easily booked by IRCTC, the official website operated by the Government of India. To book this ticket, you have to book about three days before traveling because this ticket comes with the help of a railway courier at your home,

For which you have to book this ticket minimum of 2 days before the journey. During this ticket, you have to provide your identity card or Aadhaar card photo for your permanent address. Indian Railways sends that ticket to your home within 24h of your ticket book, which can take about 3 days to reach your house.

However, after booking this ticket, it is not canceled online, for this, you have to go to the railway station and cancel from there.


E-ticket means an electronic ticket. It is also known as a digital ticket. You can also book this ticket from the official website of IRCTC. You can get the printout of this ticket immediately after paying for it or you will get it on your mobile.

Tickets are sent by railway on confirmation SMS or email which you can show to TT on sitting in the train. You will also have to carry an Aadhaar card or identity card with you for your validation.

it is can also cancel this ticket online so that you get your refund amount back to your bank sometime. You can get a refund quickly in case of booking the ticket from the official website of the Government.

How to book Indian Railway E-ticket or E-Ticket?

If you want to book your ticket then you will find it a huge task because to book a ticket you have to queue a lot or ask a broker to book your ticket by speaking but for that, the broker will charge some extras for pocket heating.

In such a situation, most people try to book a digital train ticket, but for that, they also think of going to the e-Mirta to book their ticket, in such a way, they also charge you some money, in such a way, we have only 5 interaction for you Can you book your train travel ticket.

Yes, you can easily book your train ticket without giving any charge to anyone, for that you have been given 5 interactions, follow them. Before booking your ticket, make sure to create your account on the Indian Railways website IRCTC.

Interaction I:

  • Go on the government official website IRCTC (https://www.irctc.co.in)

  • Login to your IRCTC account

  • After login, click on the ticket book from the menu bar and select E-ticket or e-ticket and fill and submit the date of your journey, your departing station, and your arrival station.

Interaction II:

  • After giving your travel information, you will get a list of all trains going from that date to that destination.

  • Depending on your convenience and budget, you can set your seat from 1A, 2A, 3A, or SL seats available.

  • If your ticket is on the waiting list, you can easily see it. After finalizing your seat, click on the ‘Book’ button.

Interaction III:

  • When you click on the book button, you go to a new page, and then you have to fill in your personal details like name, gender, age, besides, your mobile number to receive the confirmation message on your phone. Do not forget to fill.

  • However, citizens who book tickets have an additional discount on tickets. As soon as you complete your form, you can fill the captcha box

  • After all these you can now press the ‘Next button.

Interaction IV:

  • By clicking on the Next button, you will now come to the payment page where you will get many options to pay, such as debit card, credit card, or UPI.

  • You can pay according to your choice from any option. As soon as you pay, click on the ‘Make Payment’ button.

Interaction V:

  • After clicking on the previous button, you will receive a confirmation message on your phone. You can also print the ticket later!

Check your for-Ticket Status in Train CNF or RAC or WL

To know the train ticket status, you have to know your PNR status, for which I have given full details about the PNR status in the previous article, which you can see here.

When you book your ticket in advance, our ticket is not booked at that time, when we check our PNR status after some time, then you get all kinds of information related to your ticket but on the ticket status we will get Terms like RAC or WL or CNF are seen which try to understand the details below.

CNF (Confirmed):

If CNF (Confirmed) is written on your ticket status, it means that you will not have any problems while traveling. You are given seats and coaches along with CNF.

RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation):

If you have RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) in your ticket status, it means if you cancel your ticket from your Reservation quota during your journey, then you can get a seat.

At least 3 to 4 hours before departure, the railway station can be tracked by the chart. You can also find the seat and coach with the help of PNR status. However, if you are traveling with two people, then you get 1 seat and half the seat without getting the full two seats.

WL (Waiting list):

CNF stands for confirmed and passenger is allotted full berth if their ticket status is CNF.

They don’t have to share their berth with anyone although during daytime if a passenger is allotted a lower berth, they can’t sleep taking the entire berth.

During day time, co-passengers might want to sit and, in that case, you will have to give space for them to sit. The lower berth is shared by two other passengers (middle berth and upper berth passenger) during the daytime and sleeping hours officially are between 10 pm-6 am.

Final You will have received a lot of information related to training tickets. Hopefully, you will have understood the term CONF or RAC, or WL.

You can also know the status of your ticket from your mobile phone, for this, you just have to call 139 and the interaction to be told Follow on

FQAs: Train Ticket Status

What is the train ticket status?

Ticket status is the current status of your IRCTC train ticket booking. If you want to check your ticket status online, you have to check PNR status, in this case, you will be informed about the following: Current status – PNR status will be CNF if your ticket is confirmed. If the ticket is on the waiting list, it will be WL.

How can I confirm my train ticket?

To book tickets, you have to create your account at some IRCTC and then follow the points given below.

  1. The select departing station, and your arrival station.
  2. Select date train from the list of trains from the arrival and destination station
  3. After that, class (sleeper, 3rd AC, etc.) according to your budget and convenience
  4. Select Boarding Point
  5. passenger details, berth preferences & contact details mobile and email
  6. Pay through any payment mode Credit card debit card or UPI.
  7. Enter IRCTC credential after successful payment Right after entering IRCTC, your ticket will be booked and you will get it on your email and mobile which you gave while booking the train ticket.

How can I check my waiting ticket status?

You can check the waiting list of your ticket with the help of your PNR number or you can also check the ticket waiting list in your PNR status by calling 139.

Can you check the passenger name in PNR?

Yes, you can check the name of the passenger, with the help of the PNR number you can check the PNR status of the passenger from any Indian railway official website or you can call or SMS 139 to get the information of PNR status.

Till how many days can Indian Railways keep its PNR status in its database?

Normally, the digits of the Passenger name record or PNR details become meaningless after the completion of the journey. The PNR details may not be available to the public once the journey gets completed for the privacy and security concerns of passengers. However, the PNR number lasts a minimum of 9 months. This is because the TDR filed can take a maximum of 9 months. Then, it’s finally removed from the database.


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