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[Top5] Tatkal Ticket Booking Software In 2023

tatkal ticket booking software 2022

tatkal ticket booking software 2023

As you know, Tatkal Ticket Booking Software is a scheme or ticket booking quota introduced by Indian Railways for the convenience of immediate train travel service for those people who have immediate travel plans.

These train sets are issued one day prior to the preparation of the seating chart, and one can avail the facility to book Tatkal tickets in all express and mail trains by paying additional charges on base fare.

Everyone wants to book IRCTC Tatkal tickets at least once for their train journey, but Tatkal ticket booking is not that easy. There are many websites of train networks available, however, getting Tatkal tickets is not everyone’s luck.

The Tatkal ticket booking process and its rules and regulations are not hassle-free to some extent.

Many people failed to book Tatkal tickets even after trying a lot. Well, we bring you the top 5 Tatkal ticket booking software that ensures your Tatkal ticket booking in just 15 seconds. They are all listed as reliable Tatkal software.

Top 5 Best Software to Book Tatkal Ticket in 15 sec

1. Easy Tatkal.com Extension

Easy Tatkal is one of the best software to book Tatkal tickets online in just 15 seconds. You have to pay very little Rs. 10 for one Tatkal booking, and Rs. 20 for 4 bookings. This extension offers a very neat form for pre-filling the passenger’s details in advance regarding Tatkal ticket booking.

You can access the website of Easy Tatkal by this link http://easytatkal.com. Then by following a few instructions given below you can get your Tatkal ticket booking confirmed.

  • First, log in to the website. You can choose an ID from your Google and Facebook options. You can also create a new user ID for login
  • Once the registration is done, click on Enable to activate the ticket booking form
  • Enable the form to fill in all the essential information
  • Give a name to the form
  • Enter travel details
  • Enter passenger details
  • Enter the same mobile number which you have registered in your IRCTC account
  • Enter your IRCTC user ID as well as account password
  • Your form is complete, save the form

2. MyRailInfo Plugin – Autofill Extension

MyRailInfo Plugin is another best Tatkal extension 2023. This software is an excellent option in terms of saving time as this extension supports filling in the details automatically while booking IRCTC Tatkal tickets.

This software charges only Rs. 10 per Tatkal booking. To book Tatkal tickets you need to follow certain instructions given underneath.

  • Visit the website
  • Install the Plugin in the Google Chrome browser
  • Once the installation is done, open the Plugin
  • Fill in your travel details, viz user password, name, age, gender, etc. what is required
  • Once filled, click on the Save Data option
  • Open IRCTC website, and login After selecting the train, select the Book Ticket option
  • Then click on the Plugin, your details will automatically be filled
  • Select the payment option, and enter your payment details
    You are done, your ticket will be confirmed

3. My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension

My First Booking software provides fast Tatkal ticket booking which can be considered as a great software for Tatkal booking. This Autofill Extension functions similar to the MyRailInfo Plugin.

You have to fill in your details in advance, and save it. The details filled in the extension form will be automatically filled in on the IRCTC website. It costs Rs. 10 per Tatkal ticket

4. Roboform

Roboform is a simple design Tatkal ticket software that helps you in booking Tatkal tickets in just 14/15 sec. It is known as the best password manager.

Roboform stores your details and effectively generates and retrieves your password. This software offers you a free trial for 30 days. It is a paid software, usually charges $9.95 per year.

If you travel frequently, you can purchase this software, and you can use this software for various purposes other than Tatkal booking. Roboform is software, however, it is set up as a browser extension.

For Tatkal booking, you need to visit Roboform’s website through Chrome browser, and by following a few instructions, you can confirm your Tatkal ticket booking.

5. Tatkal Now

Tatkal Now also known as Tatkal Ticket Now is a superior software that comes from makkhichoose.com. If you want a fast Tatkal booking without any hassle, you can choose this software.

With this software, you can book your Tatkal ticket in just a few seconds with just one click. This software acts as an additional option to enable users to fill in payment details. For example:

Visit the website http://www.makkhichoose.com, and then download the software

  • It will appear as a plug-in as a green icon on the toolbar
  • Click on the ‘Add Ticket’ button, enter your IRCTC login credentials, travel details, passenger details, and payment details.

Tatkal Now is free software. It offers the first 3 ticket bookings for free and then charges a little amount of Rs. 60 for 6 tickets as a small donation.

100% confirm Tatkal Ticket software

Tatkal by AS is the best Tatkal software which is well-known as 100% confirmed Tatkal ticket software. You will get several benefits by booking Tatkal at a one-time fee of Rs. 100 on this Tatkal Ticket Booking Software. They include,

  • Lifetime free update features (every month)
  • New features will be available (every month)
  • Totally free lifetime support
  • Tips for using Tatkal tickets
  • A demo video of Tatkal booking software download process and how to book Tatkal ticket in 15 sec
The facility of Tatkal ticket booking through Tatkal by AS software:
  • Automatic login features
  • 100% super working software
  • Automatic train search facility
  • Unlimited tickets for a lifetime
  • Automatic fill passenger details

Tatkal Software Download in 2023

A number of Tatkal software is available that offer the best Tatkal ticket booking services. Among them, Delta Tatkal software is the most popular currently.

You can purchase it for Rs. 2,300 monthly. It is affiliated with Amazon IP which provides 24 hours service every day of the week. Although its price is a bit high, it provides very good service.

You won’t have to face any problem while booking your ticket. This software works great, and you can get your Tatkal ticket in seconds here.

Apart from this, there are some other better cheap Tatkal ticket software that provides Tatkal tickets at affordable prices. In which NGET Tatkal Software, COVID-19 Tatkal software (Rs. 1,500 monthly), Share Tatkal software (Rs. 2,100 monthly) are worth mentioning.

Tatkal software download in 2023 will be very easy. This is now a completely updated version of Tatkal booking software download which is available as a new set-up file click. You need to click on the download button of the specific website and download your desired Tatkal software.

NGET tatkal software

NGET is now popular and user-friendly IRCTC Tatkal software which is available on a monthly subscription for Rs. 2,300.

It is a genuine Tatkal ticket booking software that ensures easy Tatkal booking to the users.

It can provide a smooth ticket booking process which can easily be performed by one. It guarantees your data protection by 256-bit encryption.

FAQ’s:- Tatkal Ticket Booking Software in 2023

Is there any software to book Tatkal tickets?

Yes, there is much best software to book Tatkal tickets in a matter of seconds. They include Easy Tatkal software, Tatkal Ticket Now software, Tatkal by AS software, NGET tatkal software, COVID-19 Tatkal software, Delta Tatkal software, etc.

You can choose any software for your Tatkal ticket. All the software stated is 100% reliable with guaranteed services.

Which site is best for booking Tatkal tickets?

Nowadays, Delta Tatkal software and NGET Tatkal software are very popular for fast and simple Tatkal ticket booking.

Both of these are user-friendly and fully secure your personal information by the encryption that you provide during ticket booking.

Tatkal by As Software is also great software, ensuring 100% Tatkal ticket confirmation. Likewise, COVID-19 Tatkal software can be considered as an affordable Tatkal software and is now widely used by users.

Which browser is fastest for IRCTC Tatkal booking?

Google Chrome browser is the best and fastest for IRCTC Tatkal booking. You can count on this browser. It is the right choice of browser for IRCTC Tatkal booking which is able to work even on low resource systems.

How can I easily book Tatkal tickets?

You can easily book Tatkal tickets online. Now, much Tatkal software, such as NGET tatkal software, COVID-19 Tatkal software, Tatkal by AS Software, Delta Tatkal software, etc.

are stand by to provide you with fast Tatkal ticket booking. You can easily book your Tatkal ticket on any Tatkal software to make your train journey easy and economical.


These days online is the easiest way to buy train tickets. For Tatkal ticket booking online mode is the best way.

If you want to buy an IRCTC Tatkal ticket from any train travel agency, you will have to pay a hefty amount to the agency.

In contrast, buying Tatkal tickets through any Tatkal software costs less. Some Tatkal software offers Tatkal tickets for free. Hence, it’s smart to work to buy Tatkal tickets online.



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