Train Booking Status 2023- Train journey from waiting list ticket to CNF

Train Booking Status 2023- Train journey from waiting list ticket to CNF

Train Booking Status
Train Booking Status

When we think of booking train tickets online, we are able to see many types of words during a train booking status.

Words like CNF, RAC, WL, GNWLdigit / wLdigit (GWL345 / WL115), RLWL, PQWL, RLGN, RSWL, RQWL, you see in these words, we understood the meaning of Cnf, RAC, wL in the previous article. you can check here.

Today, in this article, we will know how you can get a confirmed ticket (CNF) from a waiting list ticket(wL) and what the words like GWL345 / WL115 mean.

Train Booking Status Updated Every Hour 2020- 2022

Train Booking Status
Waiting List Ticket:

When we go to book a train ticket, most of the time we get WL tickets, and we are Confused that our ticket will convert from WL to CNF or not

Waiting list means if you have ticket status wl on your ticket then you cannot travel on that train, you can travel on that train only if your ticket status is RAC or CNF.

Waiting lists also have different situations GNWL345 / WL115, RLWL, PQWL, etc. which we will try to understand in further detail.

If your ticket is on the status waiting list then it will be first RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) and then any passenger whose ticket was a confirmed ticket, if he cancels that ticket, then you are more likely to get a confirmed ticket.

How to waiting list ticket is converted into RAC or confirmed ticket?

Before going through this process, we have to go through all the terms found on the waiting list.


GNWL means General Waiting List if your ticket falls in this category then you have a much higher chance of getting a confirmed ticket

If the passengers of this category do not get the confirmation of the ticket, then they will definitely get the ticket for the RAC quota if the tickets have been booked 7 to 8 days before the journey.

The passenger will get a RAC ticket only if the passengers available in the RAC quota have either gone to the CNF quota or they have canceled their ticket. Otherwise, passengers will be unable to travel with GWL / WL tickets.

When we get a ticket or we see the ticket status in Pnr status, we also get to see some digits with GNWL / WL like GNWL123 / WL100. In these digits, you can guess whether you will get a RAC ticket or not.

You can understand from the image below what is the meaning of this digit.

According to this image, you can get RAC or confirmed tickets only if 99 passengers have either got the RAC quota before you or some of them have canceled their tickets.


RLWL stands for Remote Location Waiting List, which means issuing tickets for travel from the station coming in between the station originating station and the terminating station.

In this case, you have very little chance of getting a confirmed ticket

However, you can do this if you book your ticket from the original station and you sit from your intermediate station, in this case, you are more likely to get a confirmed ticket than the RLWL category ticket.

PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List):

If the ticket is issued from the small station between the train station’s original station to the terminal station, the ticket is converted to a very short rear time confirmation or RAC quota.

Usually, when there is a wedding or festival atmosphere, the train often stops short at the small station.


  • Roadside Station Waiting List (RSWL)

  • Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN)

  • Request Waiting List (RQWL)

All these categories are under RLWL, in which you have no chance of getting a confirmed ticket.

However, you may have a chance of getting tickets on local trains but it is very difficult to get confirmed tickets directly from these categories in trains like express, Shatabdi.

Request Waiting List (RQWL) You may have a chance of getting a ticket from the waiting list too, but you cannot be absolutely sure it depends on your luck, so I would suggest that you do not book a train with the below 3 waiting list categories.

A priority order has been made for the Indian Railways waiting list, which will help give the first confirmed ticket to the first category passengers. Orders were given below


If you book your ticket on the waiting list, you should do it with the help of an Android app, like My Train, Ixigo Train, IRCTC Rail Connect, here you are confirmed to be on the waiting list, in show % which helps.

But I would suggest you if you are giving 70% more chance in apps, then only you should book a ticket in the waiting list for a train, otherwise, you can see another train or any other day train according to your convenience.

FQAs: – Train booking status

Is the waitlist status updating every day?

Yes, when the RAC quota is filled, after that the waiting list is given to the passengers, like the confirmed ticket and any of the RAC passengers cancel their ticket, the waiting list changes rapidly, 2, 3 days before the trip

How can I check my passenger list online for trains?

When you book a ticket for a train, you get PNR status and train number also you can check with the help of both of them. You can check the train online status in the passenger’s passenger status, where you are from my train app. You can also check the passenger’s online train.

What is the booking status and current status in Irctc?

By booking, status means that the time you booked the ticket means the status and current status. At the present time suppose your ticket statuses like if you booked the ticket for the waiting list and after some time you will get the confirmed ticket for the seat and coach.

it means that the time you booked the ticket will be called booking status and the seat and coach you just got will be called current status.

How many waiting tickets get confirmed?

It all depends on how many passengers cancel the “RAC quota ticket” and “confirm tickets” before the RAC chart would be put.

If there is not a single ticket canceled, none of the passengers on the waiting list will get a chance to travel on that train.

How can I check the train booking status?

There are many ways to check train booking status, with the help of which you can check the train booking status of a passenger, some of which are given below.

  • go with PNR status
  • you can check from govt. official website (
  • check for phone/SMS on 139
  • thought Final reservation charts
  • check from third party apps/websites

Final Thought

Everyone loves traveling by train If you travel for the first time for a long time by train, then I would suggest that you book your ticket at least 1 month in advance, which is a chance to get a confirmed ticket.

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