Check Train Coach Position 2023 With Help of PNR Status & Number

Check Train Coach Position 2023 With Help of PNR Status & Number

When traveling by train, we should check the train status carefully before traveling by train, so that we can know about our train, seat number, and train coach position. In this article, we will try to know how we booked the ticket, how to check the coach of that train, and in what ways can we see a train coach position in 2022 With the Help of PNR Status & Number.

 Train Coach Position

There are many ways to check the coaching status on the train, some of which we are trying to explain below.

How to Check the Train coach position?

Train Coach Position With Help of PNR Status
Check Train Coach Position With the Help of PNR Status

Train coach position with the help of train number, you can also find out the position of your coach in train by PNR number and train number. We will try to know the status of both of them.

Method:- 01

Steps01: Go to google and search Trainman. in

Steps02: Click Train datils and you get multiple options

Steps03: Click on Coach Position

Steps04: After clicking on Coach Position, now open a new window, and here ask for your train number

Steps05: Enter the Train Number and click on Submit

Steps06: Now you can see your train all Coach

Method:- 02

Steps01: Go to google play store or apple app store and search Ixigo Trains

Steps02: Click and Install the application on your mobile

Steps03: now go to lxigo train app and open it

Steps04: now you can see the train coach position

Steps05: Click on and Enter your train number, Submit

Steps06: Now you can see your train all Coach, check PNR here talk about your Coach

Note: – If your train ticket is something of RAC or WL, then I would suggest you check your coach position only after the RAC chart list is ready. Because if you change seats from RAC quota to CNF or WL to RAC quota, then your coach position and seat position get changed.

Types of Train Classes

Different coaches are included in every train. The number of coaches in all trains is crowded with their routes and trains. As per the convenience, there have been many changes in the look of coaches of trains, some of which are given below.

  • First AC (1AC)
  • Executive Anubhuti (EA)
  • AC Executive Class (EC)
  • Second AC or AC-2-tier
  • First-class (FC)
  • Third AC or AC 3-tier (3A)
  • Third AC Economy (3E)
  • AC Chair Car (CC)
  • Sleeper (SL)
  • Second Seating (2S)

Train seating arrangements vary by class type. A railway seat map provides comprehensive information related to the total number of berths/seats, train seat layout structure, and so on to people/passengers.

Train Seat Position

If you also have problems finding seat positions on the train, don’t worry, will try to explain the seat position layout in your Indian Train in the best way.

Before understanding the train seat layout, we should know what type of layout the position of the train seat is and what layout you are trying to travel in the train.

Update: All trains have pantry car interlinks with seat layouts.

The seat layout of each train is different but some of the most popular train coach position in India is quite popular, due to which about 80 to 90% of the train position of the train is prepared according to its coach position.

Train Coach Position Enquiry in 2021

Like I told you above too, if you want to get information related to coach position details, then you can see this article but there is no need to worry. We will try to give some important information below here too, which will waste your time.

If you want to get information about the coach of any train, then you should have the train number of that train, you can easily find the position of the coach of that train.

India is a big country in terms of population, due to which there has been a big problem with transport in India. India’s maximum population likes to travel by trains,

due to which it was not easy to book millions of train tickets every day, so the Indian Railways Ministry online ticket Of convenience,

Due to millions of people getting the facility and the Government of India also successfully stepping into its digital world, you can take the help of IRCTC for ticket booking,

In the online ticket booking system, about 5 to 6 lakh tickets are booked daily before the corona epidemic.

If you are reading any kind of problem while booking tickets online, such as not logging in to an account or showing the pending amount, you can immediately call IRCTC Railway Inquiry number 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600

If you have any type of time while traveling on a railway or due to some reason you are unable to travel. You can also cancel your ticket and you get 100% and 90% amount as a refund. However, you may take a few days or even a few days to get a refund.

Now Indian Railways can book train tickets for free using reverse point Government of India made ticket booking online with the help of IRCTC to promote Digital India and promoted Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India initiative by launching SBI RuPay Card

Type Of Coach Position in 2022

1. First AC Coach Position Seat Layout

This layout is the most expensive coach of the Indian Railways. It takes only about 5 to 10 people to travel in the layout. The fare of this layout resembles the flight fare. Due to the air conditioner in this coach, the fare of this coach is high.

2. Second AC Coach Seat Layout

Second coaches are also fully air-conditioned; in this, you also get a berth to sleep. In this section, you get to see 2 parts of 3 sections, with the help of which about 50 to 70 passengers travel in this coach.

3. Sleeper Class Seat Layout

The Sleeper class is the most commonly found coach of Indian Railways. Typically, 10 or more such coaches are added to the train because they book their tickets the most in this class. The coach has three berths in width and two in length, with 72 seats for passengers. Not everyone is fit to travel in an AC coach, so the sleeper coach is too crowded to travel.

4. Second Sitting Non-AC

Other seating coaches are the cheapest class coaches in the Indian Railways. A non-Ac seat has a seating capacity of three berths on one side only. It has 108 seats in the LHB coach. It is also known as General Coach. This type of coach is fitted with trains during holidays and festival rush in trains.

Note: –

AC Chair Car Seat Layout & Third AC Economy Sleeper Seat Map Layout & Third AC Coach Seat Layout & Third AC Coach Seat Layout & All AC Layouts are similar to First AC Coach Seat Layout, just the price has little difference in passenger seats.

Shatabdi Coach Position and Seat Layout:

On this route, you get train numbers 22818 and 16217 from Mysore to Bangalore in the morning.

With train Mysore Howrah Weekly SF Express (22818) leaving from Mysore to Bangalore at 00:30.

Train Mysore Sainagar Shirdi Weekly Express (16217) to Bangalore at 5:00 in the morning. Both take 2h to travel from trains Mysore to Bangalore, both trains run on Monday only.

Jan Shatabdi Coach Position and Seat Layout:

The fastest train for this route is Shatabdi Express which covers a 139km distance in just 1.45h. The average speed of this train is 146 km/hr.

The name of the train is Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express (12008) which departs for Bangalore from platform number 01 at 14:15 of Mysore junction and reaches platform number 07 of Bangalore City at 16:15.

Some trains such as AC Superfast Trains, Garib Rath Trains, VVIP Superfast Trains, and Express from Delhi railway station also depart from here, with the help of which the Delhi railway station is earning.

Northern Railway received the tender won by a Mumbai-based company in May 2013, to enable free Wi-Fi connectivity at the station, at an estimated cost of ₹ 8 million (US $ 110,000). The service became available later in the year.

Humsafar Coach Position and Seat Layout:

It is considered to be the most beautiful place in India. It is also called the queen of the mountains. If you like to see the beauty of the mountains by train, then you must visit the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway once.

It joins two mountainous regions of India, including New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. It is a railway trek opened in 1881,

which is the oldest railway in the Himalayas. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is known to be one of the most beautiful railway routes available in India.

Irctc PNR Status And Coach Position

Rail Yatra is another best application of Indian Railways, available on iPhones, Androids, and Windows, for booking train tickets by 2022.

This app helps you to verify the availability of seats, ticket fare, and live station arrival and departure. With help of this app, you can also do bus ticket bookings and GPS tracking


The big railway stations in India can be very confusing and bewildering as you need to find your train among other trains and even locate your coach before boarding it.

There are people running from one corner to another in a hurry for their destination and coolies moving around with heavy stuff over their shoulders calling out loud to people in front to make their way.

In the middle of all this chaos, you will be carrying luggage as well as your family will be there to maintain and move together among the huge crowd of travelers and hawkers.

Without the information about your train and your specific coach, the whole process of boarding the train becomes much of a headache.

If you are in a small station, then locating your train and knowing your coach position is not much of a difficult job. You just need to be kept patient and ask someone on the platform about it or keep an eye on the board where timings and platform numbers are updated.

You can also keep alert and listen to the announcements being made to get to your position. Some examples are such as.

How to Check PNR Status On Whatsapp Or Mobile?

If you want to know your PNR number or status via mobile number or SMS then you should see our previous article. And if you want to get the information on PNR status through WhatsApp then continue this article

You follow the steps given below and you will easily get to know the train PNR status through WhatsApp.

Steps01: First all Save the MakeMyTrip app WhatsApp Number (7349389104) in your contact list.

Steps02: After open WhatsApp go to the search bar and search Save contact

Steps03: Now go for WhatsApp Chat and Send Your PNR Number on MakeMyTrip app WhatsApp Number

Steps04: Just Sec. you get a Message with Your PNR Status

Steps05: Now you can check PNR Status on WhatsApp Easily

You can also check the train running status through WhatsApp, you will have to do the same process as we did to check PNR Status above,

however, you will have to send a train number by not giving your 10-digit PNR number and you can easily After some erasure, all the information related to your train will be sent to the MakeMyTrip WhatsApp number.

FAQ – Train Coach Position

How to check the train coach position online?

You can check the coach position of the running train by following the steps given below.

Steps01: Go to google play store or apple app store and search Ixigo Trains

Steps02: Click and Install the application on your mobile

Steps03: now go to lxigo train app and open it

Steps04: now you can see the train coach position

Steps05: Click on and Enter your train number, Submit

Steps06: Now you can see your train all Coach, check PNR here talk about your Coach

What is the coach position on the train?

Coach position means the total number of trains from the engine of the train to the last compartment of the train for which you have booked your ticket.

If the coach number is displayed on your ticket – SL4, it means that it is the position of sleeper coach and it is the 4th coach which starts from the engine

Can I book a full coach on a train?

Yes, you can book a train or coach, if you want to book a train or coach, for that you will have to log on to and through IRCTC full fee rate information, complete Allows booking for train or coach.

How many seats are there in a train coach?

A coach can carry 48 (full coach) or 20 passengers (half coach). AC three-tier air-conditioned coaches have 64 sleeping berths. The berths are similar to 2A, but with three tiers in width and two lengths for eight segments eight.

Is the coach the train number?

Yes and no but a coach number is being given to you, then you are in the numeric number. If the coach number is 10 on your ticket, it means your coach is 10th, on which side the engines are from that side.

How many coaches are there on a train?

An average coach will have a length of about 20 meters, so 650 meters can accommodate 24 coaches and one engine comfortably.

Therefore, passenger trains can have a maximum of 24 coaches. It varies from 10 to 24 coaches depending on the route and type of train.

If the train is running at the time of the festival, then she can also walk more by coach, but if the route is long then only run between 10 and 20.


Hope you have liked this article (train coach position) and you will have received all the information related to the coach. If you are having a problem checking any word or statuses like PNR Status, CNF, RAC, and Ticket booking then you can also check our previous article.

If you are facing any kind of problem, then you can also ask us through comments, and we will try to help you soon.

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