Train Live Running Status on Mobile And Smartphone in 2023

Train Live Running Status on Mobile And Smartphone in 2023

Train Live Running Status on Mobile
Train Live Running Status on Mobile

Train Live Running Status on Mobile: Indian Railways has made the process of viewing and knowing of Live Train Running Status extremely easy. Now anyone can know the live train running status through smartphone and mobile phone.

For this, you do not need to go anywhere. To know the train running status, you must have a mobile phone and internet connection.

If you also want to know the live status of any train of Indian Railways and you do not know how to see live train running status, then this post can be very helpful for you. Because in this post we have given complete information on how to watch live train running status from mobile.

In this post, we will tell you many Starfall ways to check Live Train Status and Live Train Location, you can see live train status using any of these methods as per your convenience.

Indian Train live Running Status

Thousands of trains run on the tracks all over the country, it was not so easy to know the live location of the train before, but with the help of new technology and Indian Railways, it has become easier to see the train live location. Previously, you had to go to the railway counter to get any information related to the train, but now you can get all the information related to the train through the Internet sitting at home.

Everything is now going digital in this world, so after all the Indian Railways remains behind it, to solve the problems of people, the Railways have made Live Train Running Status Online, now anyone can easily watch train status live.

If you have not seen the last article about us live train status then you can see it and you can get much information about it, Regarding train live status.

During the pre-digitization era, planning and executing a journey with a level of ease and comfort was something next to impossible as there were things unplanned that created a mess from the beginning to the final step of the journey. After the adoption of digitization by IRCTC, planning a train journey is easy.

Every train passenger needs to check their live train status because:

  1. It helps in time management: Time management is crucial. If you don’t reach the station on time to board the train for the journey, there are high probabilities to miss the train. Through this service, every traveler can manage their timings to catch the train on time.

  2. Devise a strategy for the journey: Every activity needs a strategy for its successful completion, and so is the train journey. Apart from managing time for the journey, it helps in devising a plan which helps the activities to go smoothly.

  3. Ease of traveling: Nowadays traveling is not that hectic as before. Travelers were not able to travel to any location of India at any time so easily. Thanks to digitization, now every traveler can easily plan and go for a journey as the railway services can be easily accessed via the internet like checking seat availability, booking of tickets, hotels, cabs, etc. Once the ticket is booked, you can easily spot your train using the train running status and plan to explore beautiful India and its heritage without any inconvenience.

Train live Running Status with help of Smartphone

Train Live Running Status on Mobile

Before you begin, there are other ways to know all these things like dialing 139 or downloading a random third-party app on your smartphone.

Dialing 139 is a cumbersome process and can result in human error, whereas, downloading a third-party app from a random developer is not safe. Also Read – WhatsApp Privacy Policy FAQ: What is it, why is it important?

By the way, thousands of ways are available in the market, with the help of which you can check the live status of your train with the help of your smartphone. You can check the status of a live train on the Indian railway with the help of WhatsApp on your smartphone.

If you also want to know how we can get live train status with the help of WhatsApp, then follow the points given below.

  1. Step 1: Save train inquiry number +91-9881193322 on your smartphone.

  2. Step 2: Open WhatsApp and go into the chat window of the train inquiry number contact you had saved earlier.

  3. Step 3: Text the contact your 10-digit PNR number.

  4. Step 4: After that will automatically start keeping a track of the train, the PNR number belongs to.

  5. Step 5: It will now keep on sending you the real-time status of the train in multiple texts on WhatsApp.

Other Online Sites and Mobile Apps for Live Train Tracking

Besides the NTES website, there are several other useful online resources to track your train and get live running status. Some of the most popular Indian Railways train tracking apps and sites are listed below:

  1. NTES app (the official mobile app of the National Train Enquiry System)

  2. Where is My Train

  3. Rail Yatri

  4. Confirmtkt

  5. Trainman

  6. Hotfoot

FQAs:- Train Running Status

Is there a way I can get the average delay of a train?

Yes. NTES allows you to access details of the average delay (both arrival delay and departure delay) of a train in all its stoppages for the last 7 days.

Do I need to register on the NTES site or mobile app to get train running status?

No registration is required to get live train running info.

Can I get train running status on phone via call?

Yes. You can get the arrival, departure, and delay details of a train at a particular station by dialing 139.

Which date should I enter to get the live running status info of a train – the start date or the journey date?

A: It varies from app to app. While some apps and sites (for instance, NTES) require you to enter the journey date, others require that you enter the start date to get the required details. Usually, it is mentioned on the site/app.

Why don’t I get Expected Platform details for all stations?

A: Typically, the platform on which a train arrives is decided by the station master depending on the current train traffic.

As a result, it is likely that there are last-minute changes in the platform number and real-time updates might not be available for smaller stations.


the local train was run to reduce traffic and congestion in a developed city like Mumbai, they earn an annual 2.64 billion earnings per year from the local train to the Indian Railway Government.

Finally, I hope you have received information related to the local train map of Mumbai and the Suburban Railway. If you have any benefit from our article, then you can also share this article with your friends so that we can also share some If you are having any problem related to finding a train or booking a ticket, then you can ask us through a comment, we will try to help you soon.

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